Daily Shoot 1

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3 Responses to “Daily Shoot 1”

  1. Reverend says:

    Missed this comment thread, but I am really not sure what you are complaining about. Students post their images on Flickr and you can comment there. They send them to dailyshoot through there twitter account, i was just collecting them here as a space to show the class all the images done in dailyshoot, they are just pulling off the rss tag fro the dailyshoot in Flickr. Are you saying students shouldn’t be able to do the dailyshoot? Is it a specific community that needs be defined by the in and out? Seems odd to me.

  2. Dailyshooter says:

    I agree. You’re using Daily Shoot as a gallery for student photographs when you should have your own group for that. A lot of the student-posted images don’t even fit the assignment for the day. I don’t see this as a positive contribution to the Daily Shoot community at all. Please get your own group.

  3. Mary Contrary says:

    I think it’s very rude to use the Daily Shoot page for your class. You have this website for posting the assignments. Some of us have been faithfully completing the assignment for a year or more. It’s insulting to have a bunch of photos pop up that you can’t even comment on. Keep it here if you don’t want feedback. Btw, some of the are excellent. It’s not the quality but the quantity. None of us want to wade through pages of your students work to find photos we can comment on.

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