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Installing ThinkUp

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Well, I believe I have successfully added ThinkUp to my site. Only problem…. I’m pretty sure the wordpress app only applies to Twitter! Problem because I haven’t posted anything since our last dailyshoot assignment. I was kind of excited to see all the facebook data since I’m a facebook junkie, but I can’t seem to access any of it.

Anyway, I created a separate page for this application, because I wasn’t really sure what it would do. I started off my downloading a random plug in (which is why my header is gone, bye umw soccer!), The first five I tried said they would screw up my header, so I just decided to change it and be done with it. So, once I got a random plugin (it was actually a twitter plug in ha-ha), I went to editor, erased all of it, and c/p the thinkup data. I’m getting ahead of myself.

So BEFORE all that, I went to the ThinkUp site, and clicked the download for the wordpress app. I opened the file folder, opened the PHP document, and when prompted, I clicked the option to open it with Notepad. From there, I copied the entire text that appeared in notepad, and pasted it into the plug in editor. As a side note, this sounds like it took 2 minutes. It took me about 30 before I figured all of this out. phew.

So next, in order to figure out what to do, I opened the ReadMe file for ThinkUp. There, it tells you to go to Settings in wordpress, choose ThinkUp, and edit the settings to include your twitter name. It also gives you things to paste into a post (things with [brackets] around them, not really sure how they work). So I posted the brackets into my new ThinkUp page, and fingers crossed went to check it out. It came back with, There are not recent tweets from StratCat. Success!!

Doesn’t sound like success, but at least I know it works! So I went ahead and tweeted something. Still hasn’t shown up on my page, but I’m not sure what the turn around time is. Anyway, yay for archiving nothing!