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Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

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Recently My Professor was telling my DS 106 class about archiveing our work and how very important it is. He told us that there are many sites like Facebook and Twitter that actually keep our work and leave us with no means of accessing the history of our own work on our own time. This raised an idea that I had never before imagined. I guess I never thought about it, but Facebook owns our posts and our status updates and even our photo uploads. We don’t actually own any of it. We can just access what we’ve done through their means. They can do what ever they please with what they own! I was left a little unsettled after this thought. However Professor Groom offered a speedy solution to ease my frustration, a site called Think Up. Think Up allows its users to chose from various generations of programs for download. Once installed and prepped, this program is supposed to keep a running archive of any and all of your Facebook or Twitter work history. But how does it all work? I was interested to see for myself.

After visiting the site, I downloaded version Beta 4 and went into my downloads folder to view it. Once there I clicked on the icon labeled Think Up. After it came I was left in complete confusion. There were various folders with different titles and each time I clicked on a new folder I was left to decipher pages and pages of coding. Thank goodness I studied a little about CSS for my final project because after sifting through folder 6 I realized that it was just a compilation of all the coding that went behind the application. I was a little upset because I of the confusing and time that I spent trying to figure it all out.

In the end Think Up was just a major let down!