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The Social Network

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

What a great idea, making a movie about the invention of possibly the greatest social network of all time. Most movies about historical events are created decades or even hundreds of years after the event occurred (think Blackhawk Down, 300). This one was made less than 10 years later. Good thing too, because it was our generation that essentially made facebook what it is. A generation ten or twenty years from now may not appreciate this invention as much as we would. Besides, facebook, yes I’m going to say it, may not even exist in ten or twenty years from now. Weird thought, right? I’m really curious to see how it will continue to evolve.
About the movie though, at the end it said that Mark had to pay 65 million dollars to the Winklevoss brothers. If he had originally fessed up to stealing their idea, what would his repercussions be? Would he have to turn the company over? Would it only have been maybe $6,500 at the time? I’m not sure how Intellectual Property Rights are enforced, but I’m curious as to how an early confession would have affected the outcome of the company. Anyway, I really liked the movie and it actually made me appreciate facebook and the business side behind it.