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Jay on the Internet and the Web

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

I have a few minutes between classes, so I thought I’d follow up my post about my 92 year old grandfather’s opinion on computers with more tidbits from our conversation yesterday.

As I mentioned yesterday, he’s never owned a computer. I’m pretty sure he’s never used the web firsthand before, either. He is fascinated by Google. Yesterday, when I explained again what Google is/does, he told me to “find him gold.” I did an image search for gold and showed him the results. “I can’t touch that!” he scoffed. “How do you get if off there?”

I told him about ebay and online shopping; he smirked and said I should buy him a pair of shoes.

“Tell me about the Internet,” I requested after our foray into Google, followed by “Tell me about the web.”

Jay on the Internet and the Web

I’m surprised at his explanation, because as someone who has no firsthand background with computers/the web/internet, his response still has some insights that apply to some of our earlier class discussions if you take his “spider” context as a metaphor for our technology-obsessed culture..

“Something that flies into that web is caught, and it stays there.”

“Once you get in that ‘net, you’re gone.”