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What is this “skipping?” and the Master Plan

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Part One:

First, I’d like to record a meaningful moment in the context of this assignment and this year. Right now, as I sit here typing this, I am skipping my Travel/Nature writing class. Why am I skipping my favorite class? Well…I’m Senior so this is okay–or that least that’s what I keep telling myself. This is the first unexcused absence of the semester and we’re less than a month away from the close of the semester.

I told my co-workers at the mail-room that I was planning on skipping because I hadn’t done the assigned reading (there’s nothing worse than sitting in class silent because you didn’t properly prepare). I then told them that I was going to use that time to edit some of my writing.

“No!” they fervently replied, “If you’re skipping, you have to do something unproductive during that time.”

“Okay, fine,” I responded, “I’ll watch Parks and Recreation on Netflix.” They approved of the revision of my plans. So, after that exchange, here I am blogging for my Digital Storytelling class out of the guilt that I feel over skipping class. The lesson here? Senior or not, skipping is bad for your health. It can produce a number of unforeseen side effects including but not limited to headache, drowsiness, upset stomach, nightmares, missed deadlines, lower grades. I wish I could make ads like the anti-smoking campaigns that warn you away from skipping class. But I’ll leave that up to the experts.

Part Two:

The Master Plan. This is in no way correlated to part one; I just think that really short blog posts look like they’re missing something. I walked into the Nest today on my way to work at the mail-room when I was arrested by a group tabling in the front entrance. They had a poster with bold letters saying, “UMW’s Master Plan: A Step in the Right Direction?”

A college female approached me asking, “Have you heard about the school’s MASTER PLAN?” (the caps are all mine; anything with the word “master” in it demands all caps).

“Kind of,” I mumbled, “I saw something online about it, I think.”

“Well, we’re trying to raise awareness about the proposed future of UMW’s buildings. Some of the changes they’re proposing are welcome like a new wing on Jepson but other changes would destroy the campus’s integrity and historical heritage.” This was gripping. A group of UMW students actually interesting in preserving the school? In the van ride to church on Sunday, one of the other students brought up the MASTER PLAN. I was interested but mostly ambivalent. At Mary Wash, you learn to let things happen because when there’s funding and a person in charge who desires something to happen, students can do practically nothing to stop it (take Eagle’s Landing, for instance).

My ambivalence was also linked to the fact that I’m a Senior. I seem to be playing that card all too often. I skipped class–oh wait, I’m a Senior so it’s okay. They’re planning on tearing down historic buildings and replacing them with Eagle Village style facilities–quickly built, sterile and cold. Oh, I’m a Senior. So, I won’t be here when that happens.

However, I felt compelled to sign up for the e-mail list to receive information about the movement towards transparency in the MASTER PLAN. I guess that was my way of saying that even though I’m a Senior, I shouldn’t use that as an excuse to cop out on taking a stand in preserving my school, the way it’s been for the three-plus years that I’ve called this place home.

For more information on the MASTER PLAN, check out or e-mail