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Modern Obsession

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

In preparation for part 2 of assignment 11, I would like each of you to post about a TV show, film, novel, comic, graphic novel, etc., that you are fanatical about. In other words, post about something that you are obsessed with. Ds106 Assignment 11 Part 1

I don’t have the best track record with developing an obsession. With this assignment, I realize I have trouble becoming a fan. I was on a lengthy car trip with my sister a few months ago. We had music playing the whole time, and after we reached our destination, she pointed out we hadn’t heard a full song because I kept switching the track midway through the tune. In a way, the same applies to the TV shows I watch. If I miss an episode, I’m not really bothered. I can’t recite episode quotes or summaries from the top of my head and I don’t keep up with plot news or spoilers for any series. There are probably only two shows I care to watch regularly, and as I said, if their air time roles around and I forget, I’m not disappointed.

That being said, out of the two shows I try and tune in to each week, the series I’m probably more closely “obsessed’ with it Modern Family. The show comes on Wednesday nights (I don’t even know what time! Told you I have trouble with developing fanatic feelings!) and the reason why I like it is simple: it makes me laugh. Who doesn’t have a complicated family? I’m sure everyone can relate to some of the characters and situations depicted in the show. I’ve included two clips below. In short, the comedy profiles an extended fictional family and the complicated relationships that exist among them. The show is filmed as a “mock documentary,” which makes it appear a bit more realistic and even relatable.

Hometown on the Big Screen: A Prologue to my Screencast

Friday, November 12th, 2010

Traintracks…The Amish…A shooting during a pee-wee t-ball game…The Orthopedic Capital of the World…Rick Fox (yes, the NBA basketball star)…all will be mentioned in my pending Google Streetview Screencast.

In the meantime, as sort of a prologue, I’ve posted a movie trailer for a very “Breakfast Club”-esque (ripoff) documentary that was filmed in my hometown, Warsaw, Indiana. It competed at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival, winning the Directing Award in the Documentary category. Paramount released the movie the summer following the festival. It never showed at a theatre in Fredericksburg, but I remember it appearing at theatres in D.C. and northern Virginia.

I was long-gone from Warsaw during filming, having moved to Fredericksburg about 10 years before the film was shot, but I knew some of the kids and their families who were profiled. Some scenes were shot in the high school where my mom taught, and some kids spent their elementary school years with my dad as their principal. My family watched the movie together once it was released on DVD and at various points in the film pointed at the screen screaming, “OHMYGOD THAT’S _______!”

It was an odd feeling to watch the small town where you spent half your life depicted in film with a national release. The movie itself wasn’t that great-typical teenagers complaining about life-but I’ve embedded the trailer below.

Warsaw’s city limits appear at 4 seconds into the preview.

Here’s a picture from the trailer that shows why I will never relate to people who say there is nothing to do in Fredericksburg.

(Warsaw’s City Limits)

“American Teen” trailer: