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Project Proposal

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Wordle created using text from CNN'S Afghanistan Crossroads Blog

Study the front-page headlines or skim the World section of a newspaper and several words are likely inked on the day’s edition: Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, troops, convoy, military.

Perform a Google News search using the term “Afghanistan” and several of the 26,900 obtainable headlines link to hard news stories offering information on current events in the Middle East: US military deaths in Afghanistan at 1207. NATO sees Afghan city of Heart ready for transition.

The ongoing war in Afghanistan and recently (combat) concluded war in Iraq has dominated mainstream news coverage for nearly a decade.

Many of the news stories I’ve read or viewed thrive around politics or operational details about the wars’ progression.

My digital story aims to shift away from this trend by writing “slice of life” and “reconstruction” feature stories depicting people’s current and past “day to day” experiences with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Fredericksburg area’s proximity to Quantico Marine Corps Base, Fort Belvoir, Naval Support Facility Dahlgren and Fort A.P. Hill situate the region as an “armed forces melting pot,” and I am intrigued by how two large-scale wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have been felt locally by people in and from the Fredericksburg region.

To begin with, I plan to speak with one source, learn about her experiences as someone with a family member deployed to Afghanistan, and share her story in installments through writing, audio, images and video.

As the semester progresses, I hope to consider incorporating additional sources if they are willing to participate. I predict my digital story will primarily entail writing slice of life and reconstruction feature stories and shooting images, audio and video related to my topic.

Ideally, I would like to create a subdomain on my website and build/showcase my project separately there. I envision this separately because I think part of a digital story, especially journalistic in nature, is in its full presentation. I want to use a separate WordPress theme, layout and plugins specifically to enhance and reflect my project content/theme. I would still use my subdomain to blog about my process of creating/building the “separate” site, writing and using different tools to tell a story (similar to my past posts/tutorials, from journalistic writing techniques to a “technical” standpoint).

Project Proposal

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

In my history of Britain class, we were assigned a research paper for the semester. I decided that it would be a smart move to incorporate the topic from the research assignment into my story project for this class. That being said, for my history paper I will be looking at the Battle of Trafalgar and the implications the battle had on France and Britain during the Napoleonic Wars. For the story project, I want to explain the steps of my research process as well as outline in stages the various aspects of the Trafalgar conflict. Examples of things I have thought of are: reviewing primary sources, looking at history related online databases, and examining naval art work from the period. I intend on doing all these things for the story, but things often do not go exactly as you plan them, and a little bit of spontaneity and evolution never harmed anyone (too much). I think that posting once a week is a realistic goal and maybe two posts a week if that week is particularly interesting. In my opinion, it is better to do fewer posts and make them count, than try to overproduce and end up skimping on the quality.