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Project Proposal

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

I love sports. All sports (except baseball). My homepage is set to, I have more sports jerseys than I can remember, and I’m pretty much down to play any type of sport. So, for my blog project, I decided that each week I would feature a sport I don’t really know a lot about and blog about it. I will probably choose sports that have large followings in other parts of the world, but that most in this country/region of the country aren’t familiar with. My idea is to maybe have a few blog posts a week explaining the history of the sport, how it’s played, and if possible maybe review a game or watch highlights and post them on my blog. I might also go out and play a couple of them if I can. Some examples of sports I was thinking about…

Handball (this might actually be the best sport ever)

Gaelic Football


Just a note, at the present time I have ZERO clues as to whats going on in any of these three videos. Hopefully I will by the end of the semester…