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Homage/last photoshop post.

Monday, November 29th, 2010

This is my last (maybe) photo shop post, and it is my homage to Futurama. Before I start I want to give a shoutout to America’s Finest Newsource, The Onion. When I first started this, I didn’t really think that I was inspired by The Onion. It was mostly because I had fun with the Sarcozy pictures. However, the Onion is a master at photoshop:

THAT IS INGENOUS. They make up a funny story, and then make an amazing photo. They did a perfect job with the photshopping. Look at that. That looks real. That looks like a bloody priest sacrificing people to Coporate America. I just find it hilarious.

The next photos are my Homage to Futurama. They are Ads that would probabally be posted in the universe.Enjoy.

Apocalypse senarios nobody expected

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

This is the second cracked contest that I am doing. Some of you wanted a link to the last contest, so here is the winners (I was not one of them). This week, the contest is” Apocalyptic Scenarios Nobody Saw Coming” Again I have two pictures. For this senario I had two other ideas that I rejected for different reasons. The first was Uwe Boll winning an Emmy, which I decided just wasn’t funny. The second was the Jim Jones inc. next to the Kool-aid factory but I couldn’t find a good picture of a factory, on Google. Thus the following two.

The first one, started with the idea of Obama running with Palin. This is the end of the world in two ways. 1. It would never happen, and 2. no matter your political beliefs, you are screwed. But then I realized that there would be other candidates for president. So I wondered, who would be worse than Obama and/or Palin? Then it dawned upon me.

First,I got the background picture of two random campaign signs:

I took an Obama/Biden sign and a McCain/Palin sign campaign poster. I copied out the Palin, and Pasted it over the Biden. to get this:

I took that, pasted it over the McKay poster. For the second poster, I just wrote over a picture, as explained in my last photo shop post. Then I pasted that picture over the Patton sign to get this:

I once watched ten minuets of Jersey Shore and scored ten less IQ points. Coincidence? I think not.

This next one was much more fun. It stipulates what would happen if pigs could fly. First I started off with a picture of a pig and wings:

I used the magic wand to rid the pig of its white background. then I used the round magic wand to separate each wing from its background. I pasted both wings into the pig picture, shrunk them, and rotated them. Lastly, I then painted the pig’s eyes red to give it an evil look:

I then took a picture of  a city scape. At first, I found one of NYC, but then thought that some people might get offended, so I did Houston instead:

Shrunk it to the right image size, then added in the pigs where I please. At the last minuet, I decided to have lasers come out of the pigs eyes. In the end, I got this:

I was thinking of adding in an F-15, but that would have been too much.

If everyone was a jerk like the RIAA

Friday, November 5th, 2010

So Cracked has a new photo contest, unfortunatially it is hard to actually post the pictures onto a reply, so I just leave a post with the links, hopefully they will get it. The contest is basically create a picture of what it would be like if company was as evil as the RIAA. I made two pictures. The first one I’m going to talk about was made second, and I’m going to talk about it first because it is really simple. I started with this:

I took a little square of blue from the middle, and pasted it over the “Press any key” part. then I added the text “Enter Credit Card number” on the overlap to get this:

Very simple, yet fits the guidelines. The next (first) one was a bit more difficult. What I originally had in mind, was a trashcan that would spew your garbage if you didn’t swipe your credit card, however, I found this picture when googleing (is that how you spell it?) trashcan:

So I found these pictures:

I took out the white from the credit card swiper, but kept it for the credit card companies (I tried to take away the white from it, but it also took away the white from the visa) and put them in the racoon picture. I then Wrote the lettering, and used a picture of the color white, and  put it behind the words. I merged all the layers to delete any unsessary shadows. So I ended up with this:

It was a bit simple, yet it works.


Thursday, October 7th, 2010

If you are reading this then you know that I am going to learn how to use photo shop. Already I have two “projects” first, I will try to enter into all of Cracked’s Photoshop contests. This week, in a play off of The Social Network, the contest is “If every website got a dramatic movie.” Also, I am going to Colbert’s “March To Keep Fear Alive” For that, I am going to be making multiple posters, one of Robotic Bear Calvary. If any of you have any ideas, or projects, just put something in the comments


Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

Many of you last week saw my Sarcozy post, and many liked it. While I used Preview to make those first two pictures, I decided to Learn the ins and outs of Adobe Photo shop. I am going to be doing projects whenever possible, so If you have any pictures that need to be photo shopped, send one to me, and I will be glad to photoshop it, just realize that I  am going to post the picture(s) on this blog.