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Visualizing Girl Talk’s album “All Day”

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Girl Talk has a new album out title “All Day” (you can download it here for free), and given he is seemingly the most popular mashup musician out there, it might be worth a listen. I like the new album a lot, but still think “Feed the Animals” is my favorite. But more exposure to the new album may lead me to change my mind. That said, the opening of the new album with Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs” is certainly magical.

What even cooler, is that Chris Lott pointed to this site which user a color-coated identifier to detail each sample for any given song on the album. A very cool tool that enables you to see the beginnigns as well as the labor of Girl Talk’s mashups. What’s more, it is a testament to the power of a fan viz-a-viz the internet to make the experience that much more enjoyable for us all.

My Epic Mash-up

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

The Lord of the Rings meets The Lord of the Beans, veggie style! I guarantee you’ll enjoy this. :)

My Favorite Mash-up EVER.

Thursday, November 4th, 2010