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Data Storytelling

Monday, September 13th, 2010

Well, considering it’s past midnight and there’s much to be accomplished this week, I should probably be asleep right now. Thank goodness the Web isn’t dead (…yet? I’m still unsure), because it’s done a great job of distracting me from this minor detail tonight.  Anyway, I was trying to get a better grasp on what digital storytelling really is and came across daytum, a website for displaying personal day-to-day statistics. This site reminded me of personal data discussions from DS106, and, in my opinion, it takes managing personal data to a new level.  The site tells stories, but in a quantitative way.  Neat-o. Maybe it’ll be useful once we start creating our own digital stories for class?

Exploring WordPress themes and plugins

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

Today I started trying out plugins for my blog, and the task wasn’t so daunting after I realized some plugins give installation directions in their descriptions.  I ended up choosing two widgets and added a new page for a third plugin.  The widgets were relatively easy to install, and I chose a weather widget (I’m obsessively checking it anyway, so why not add it to my blog) and a widget that tracks recently listened to songs from my account.  The new page I added was for a visitor tracker that identifies where your blog’s visitors are located and how many visitors your blog’s had in the last month.  I found these plugins simply by searching for “weather,” “,” and “most popular” in the WP plugin search.  The weather widget required that I sign up for a account that gives you permission to access their XML feed with a partner ID and license key.

Unfortunately, when I started exploring new themes, the first theme I chose removed the links to my “About” and “Who’s online?” pages, so I switched to my current theme, Hanami.  Although I like the simplicity of Hanami, I wish I could figure out how to change the header image.  (I searched for “custom header” to find this theme because I’d like to personalize my blog with my own photos.)  I will probably try to figure this out later.

Update:  Yay!  I figured out how to change the header in cPanel!