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DS 106 Caption Contest

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Today during my DS106 class, we discussed the importance of privacy and the fine line that some feel Google Maps has crossed. Our professor explained to us how Google Maps images were taken and even showed us a sight called This site displays various images taken by the Google Maps truck and compiles them into one index of many different photos. Our teacher was so enthusiastic about these photos that he decided to have our class add caption to as many photos as we could in about 30 minutes time. My group was made up of Sarah, Chris, Brian, and myself. Here is our submission.

Environmentalists rule this side of the road obviously

The Pink Portal to the Great Beyond

What type of driving causes skid marks like this?

You see what had happend was…..

Let's jump to hyperspace

It's Free Willie!

Put your hands where we can see them!

There he is……let's get him!

caught red….um……pawed!?

I own this city!

Welcome to STARK industries…..building the future!

Wayne's World


Now introducing Google Moon!

Rock'n the "manddals"

Where are my Lucky Charms?

Father time was not nice to you, Skeletor!

Where are the deer and the antelope playing!?

Pluto you've got you lay off the acid – caption submitted by Chris


Coming soon…..Google Inception!

United States of Google America