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East Market Anecdotes

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

I didn’t show these images in my screencast since they’re aerial shots, so I thought I’d post and explain them to give a little more context to my video:

Here is an aerial view of my former house on East Market Street, since Google Streetview totally neglected to travel down the best block  in Warsaw. The boxed off hand is in front of my house. To the right is my grandparent’s house.

I mentioned this park at the beginning of my screencast, but completely forget to explain it later in my video! This park is right across the street from my first house. The story I intended to mention in my screencast is, a group of developers wanted to build an apartment complex on that land, but my parents were among a group of others who fought and won the argument for building a park instead.

Here’s an image of downtown Warsaw from the town’s Wikipedia page (yes, that’s pretty much it).

As I mentioned in my screencast, I’ll update this post with the picture of my old house once I find and scan it!