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Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Here is a video about sneakerheads and the sneaker culture, which was on a ABC morning show awhile back.

There is a sneaker documentary that is very good  called “Just for Kicks” which came out in 2005. I will post that documentary on a future post because I want to showcase some more sneaker artwork first. Stay tune for that, it is a good documentary explaining this culture.

Sneaker Freak

Friday, October 1st, 2010

My idea for my digital story is going to be on the sneaker culture and art. I am a bit of a sneaker freak, I own a pretty good amount of sneakers and most of them I barley wear. I also own some that I wear like once a month just because they were pretty expensive haha, but I believe that shoes particularly sneakers speak a lot about someones style. You can have different colors and styles, but also portraits and other artistic designs. There is a large culture around sneaker art and most of it also leads into and comes from urban culture. I’m going to show some of the sneakers and the artists through out the rest of the semester. I’m going to use my book Art and Sole as a reference but also sneaker head websites like,,, and just to name a few. I’m also going to continue to post some music here because sneaker and hip-hop go hand-n-hand, maybe even some tunes inspired by sneaker themselves, anyone ever heard My Adidas by Run DMC….here you go.

Here some of Adidas 35th anniversary collection that came out awhile back

How about some tunes

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

Ok so since I got a boom-box on my page how bout some music.  I’m going to start posting different music on here. Mostly what I listen to which I think have meaning or just gets you moving haha. Here the first one Leaving the Past by Immortal Tech. Its is explicit but we mature and can take it haha here is a link to the lyrics its a deep song with meaning  by an artitst I think is a great lyricist.

OK I edit this so it doesn’t auto play so if u wanna hear it then just click play, due to some negative feedback. Pause button is always an option not making anyone listen if they don’t want to , but if u do enjoy.

Why caught in the Hustle?

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

Here is the link for the song my blog is named after, includes lyrics. Caught in the Hustle by Immortal Technique

His lyrics are explicit just to warn you but this one of his softer songs, but we are big boys and big girls so everyone should be fine.

“They say the odds against me, are crooked and impossible
Like I was born with a hole in my heart is an obstacle
I left to die by the doctors, in the childrens hospital
But I never lose hope, success is psychological”

These are the words that are on my laptop, and I see everyday. The song for me is about ones self, finding there success and finding solutions to ones problems. “So if the solution has never been to look in yourself. How is it that you expect to find it anywhere else.” Is an example of what I am trying to say. It is more than just hip-hop, for some Hip-Hop/Rap is not something that they listen to and/or may have a bad impression of. Yet hip-hop/rap can be poetry and make one think just like this song, and just like many songs. I am one of those people that listens to everything but not just whats on radio, because if I did that I would of never heard this songs or many others. Hip-Hop/Rap is a type of music but also a style of poetry in my opinion. Listen to the song, I’m going to have others up later.