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A Mashedup ds106 Xmas Card

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Have a happy holiday ds106 inernauts!

Now looking for some hanukkah and Kwanzaa mashups :)

Discovered via this post on BoingBoing.

Come and play with us, Danny

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

Man, I think I came across one of the coolest things I have ever seen today. I was in a nondescript Z Pizza joint in Franconia, and the pizza wasn’t too terrible as extra-NYC pizza goes. That said, I will forever remember this place not for the pizza, but rather for one of the coolest wall decorations I’ve ever seen. What’s more, I had my son, daughter, and flip cam handy, and what’s to follow may prove to be one of my prized possessions over the course of time.

Talking to Your Kids About Star Wars

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Thanks to one of the elite ds106 alum, Modern Selkie, I was turned on to this gem.

What’s odd is that this video really does capture my attitude towards Star Wars and teaching it to my children. In fact, my wife and I are unschooling our kids (which basically means not schooling them in any controlled, formal way), and part of that whole process has been to conduct a yearlong indoctrination into the universe of Star Wars. So I am proud to say that this video is my life right now as a father. Enjoy.

And as a final note, Jar Jar Binks’s name is not to be spoken in the house. Thank you Modern Selkie, you made my day.

DS106 Plays Caption This

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

It all started with this Retweet by Melanie McBride this morning:

It just so happens that I caught this in the stream and my interrest was piqued when I saw Google Street View mentioned because right now the ds106 internauts are using Google Street View to create a narrative about their childhood home, a particular trip, etc. using Google Street View. And when I saw this link to the “seedy side” of Google Street View I couldn’t resist. Jon Rafman’s Tumblr blog that collects all these images is extremely provocative, and whether or not all the images are real—that aquarium seems like a hard sell as Garrett Bush mentioned in class tonight—a vision of the seemingly invisible realities of the police state, prostitution, public sex, and other random acts of craziness is fascinating.

All this to say I spent part of tonight’s class talking about this site, and sharing the examples. And what quickly became apparent to me is that everyone of these images is a prompt for a story. We all were taken in by them, but also we were let with a million questions, and the idea of stitching the story back together became an almost natural urge. I’d love to do a forensic/detective narrative using Google Street View, or a scavenger hunt on Google Earth, but that will have to wait until I actually have a plan. What did happen tonight, however, was kinda fun nonetheless. After looking at the images, I spontaneously asked the class broke up into groups and tasked them with captioning as many of these crazy pictures as possible in the time left of class. And they did. Not only that, what they did was very, very fun. I really can’t defend the “learning objective” (vomit) of this in-class assignment though, I had no other reason for making them do it other than I had an idea it might be fun, and oh was it ever. Look at the fruits of their sardonic joy.

You can’t see me… I am a Ninja!

Modern Day Abbey Road!

Hulk Smash!

Slippery when wet

“Is this how the squirrels do it?”

“Jinkeys, looks like Scooby found the Fire Sauce.”

“I better get out of here before her husband catches me.”

The Pink Portal to the Great Beyond

Welcome to STARK industries…..building the future!

Rock'n the "manddals"

Father time was not nice to you, Skeletor!

Pluto you've got you lay off the acid

Coming soon…..Google Inception!

Service Worker's Revenge

Lemonade: $1 per hour.

Dog Park Rejects

Hazards of Narcolepsy

Even heroes have the right to dream.

"Mom! There's a spaceship outside!"

Flowers do not equal happiness.

Flipper Five!!!!

I told you not to text and walk at the same time!

Police Officer “This is how you make the Y! Again from the top!”

“Onward, to Camelot!”

Hey Maverick, lets go play volleyball

Hey, HEY WAIT! I’ll take another box of the Thin Mints!

"Take me! I'm one of you!"

ultimate walk of shame


Juliet, hey, JULIET!


Image of The Birds

THE BIRDS!!!!!!!!!

Whoa. What happened to the pool?!

United States of Google America

Chucky meets ds106

Friday, November 12th, 2010

I’ve been knee-deep in film commentaries, homemade Halloween movies, and mashups for the last three weeks in ds106, and it has been awesome. I’m on the verge of finally finishing my mashup, but in the meantime, here is a short video made by Wesley FrankKyle Nero and K “Money” Hernandez titled “Kyle Nero’s Halloween.” This totally appeals to my kitsch/b-movie sensibility, and the fact the Chucky from Child’s Play figures so prominently into this short film makes all the more alluring. I particularly enjoyed Kyle’s deadpan acting s well as Aubrey Elliot. What’s more, Wesley’s writing and direction were a lot of fun, and his establishing a sense of shot order is pretty impressive. Enjoy more ds106 internaut greatness.

Porbeagle shark caught on video

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Diver has a close-encounter with a Porbeagle shark off the coast of Maine—as well as the video to prove it.

Thank you Barbara Sawhill for helping my phobia extend further up the East Coast of the US into those cold and frightening New England waters.

Boba’s Invoice

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Not sure if this is a digital story per se, but I am sure it rocks!

Image credit: Laser Bread’s “Boba Invoice” via Mikhail Gershovich on Twitter

Kenny Powers: Greatest Hits

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

My digital storytelling class is about to embark on the wonderful world of video story telling, and I found a beautiful example from my favorite new HBO series, Eastbound & Down. I don’t know why I like this show so much, but the character matchup of Kenny Powers and Stevie Janowski just crack me up to no end. Anyway, I wonder if I can work in an assignment to try and make the cheeziest video possible, using this as the model.

It’s Shark Season in bavaland

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

Late last week DS106 Internaut Ashley Peterson tweeted me a link to this image:

Image of man carring shark
Link to see full-size image and full article here.

This striking image from Mogadishu, Somalia—which is described as the “world’s most dangerous city” in the article—is kind of a culmination of all our talk and crazy links about sharks so far this semester. And once I saw this image, I really couldn’t get over it. I mean how crazy, a man walking through the streets with a dead shark over his shoulder really does frame just how dangerous this city is, even for sharks. The link to the image came out of a larger discussion the DS106 course has been having about photography more generally these last two weeks, and after this image was burned into my brain. And given this I figured it might be high time to ask the great Tom Woodward to work some of his Photoshop magic. So via twitter I put out this simple request:

@twoodwar Can you photoshop me in this pls?

And never one to let my vanity get in the way, Tom complied:

Image of the bava carrying a shark
Image credit: Tom Woodward’s photoshopped “man_carrying_shark”

A nice way to accentuate just how much fun you can have with a little Photoshop action. Now teaching Photoshop gets prohibitive given how much it costs, and how little access we have to it on campus. But this class does need some basic image editing elements. Charlie Rocket did a fine job taking his audience through the process of learning Photoshop last semester, but he had Photoshop and made it his semester-long digital story, and perhaps owning it like he did is the best way to learn it. I should probably dedicate some time to learning Gimp, and spend time teaching that. But with Picnik, Aviary, and Photoshop Express, most of the basic are already there.

I mean it is increasingly becoming apparent that one can never be too young to both learn sophisticated image editing, and there is no better way than creating Jim Groom as Conan the Barbarian images as Tom Woodward’s six year old son John has. pretty cool to see a kid this young working his way through Photoshop so impressively. You go John!!!

Pretzel Perfect

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

I’ve decided to try and follow Daily Shoot whenever possible because taking pictures is so much fun!  My only issue is that I’m using up my Flickr space relatively quickly, so I might have to find an alternative place to store my pictures. Hmm….

Pretzel Perfect