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To keep with the semester’s theme…

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

I couldn’t help myself when I saw this random object come up on my Google Feed Reader:
Wouldn’t this shower curtain be a novel addition to any bathroom?

Addendum: And this appeared, too.

Why are there so many zombies and sharks in my life this semester?!?!

Ridiculously Adorable

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

So after looking through my cousin’s facebook pictures of her baby discovering and playing in the giant ocean I wanted to make a photo narrative of  the best of the 100+ pictures in the “1st time at beach” album . I just think it’s ridiculously adorable to see her from being scared of all the water to loving it. I wish I knew this kid more than just from Facebook pictures…

That other person in some of the pics is my cousin.

Which of these is not like the other?

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Today I was getting lunch with 2 of my apartment mates, Brenda and Kelsie, in the Nest. While I was standing and waiting for my sandwich to be made, I was looking around and deciding what else I wanted to eat. As I was debating between being healthy and getting an apple or banana and being slightly unhealthy and getting a bag of chips (I ended up going with the chips), I glanced into the Pop-tart bin. To my surprise, I saw what appeared to be the leftover crusts of a grilled cheese sandwich sitting in its container in the middle of all the Pop-tarts. I got Brenda and Kelsie’s attention and pointed out the misplaced sandwich and ranted about people being disrespectful and leaving trash everywhere. Then I decided to do the decent thing and do something about what I was complaining about and throw the grilled cheese in the trash. As I walked over to pick it up, I discovered that only one half of the sandwich had been eaten, the other half was still there.

I want to know who was “ridiculous” enough to eat half of a grilled cheese sandwich (minus the crust), decide they didn’t like it, then leave it in the Pop-tart bin and not pay for it.

Maybe I should write a Passive Aggressive Note about it- which I have done in the past. Although, they often end up in the trash and not in the hands of the intended target. I guess my passive aggressiveness turns into just plain passiveness.

This makes me think of the school guidance counselors and parents telling you to write an angry letter or email then ripping it up or deleting it- which really does nothing to solve the problem, but it does get the anger off your chest and helps you move on from the smaller problems that really aren’t that big of a deal in hindsight.

In reality, someone leaving a grilled cheese sandwich in the Pop-tart bin is not what I should be worried about- no matter how ridiculous it seems. What I should be worried about are the bigger problems that are actually harmful to people- my mind fails me right now to think of an example. I guess this is what you call choosing your battles, which, if I’m going to be an elementary school teacher or have children (or even a husband ;) ), I’m going to have to do every day of the rest of my life.

That is Ridiculous?

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Now that I have my first “assignment post” done, I thought I would explain my name choice.

I was struggling to think of a name for my domain and also for my blog and I finally thought of “That is Ridiculous.” I often find myself in a situation or overhearing a conversation and thinking, “that’s ridiculous.” So, throughout the semester I will try to keep up with posting things that I find ridiculous.

To start, I recently found out about all the Eagle Landing problems: lukewarm shower water, over sensitive fire alarms, $550/ year parking passes, the forever sound of toilets flushing. I just think that’s ridiculous. They pay more money for more problems. I know there are granite countertops and stainless steel appliances and an attendant in the lobby 24/7, but really, that’s pretty ridiculous too. Let’s be real, stainless steel and granite are not staples of a recent college graduates first apartment in the real world.

I’m done ranting about that now. I think ranting is a little ridiculous too, but hey, why not, I’ve got the perfect outlet right here and my apartment mates will thank me for sparing them. :)