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Exam Week: Day 4

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

I am writing this post in a great mood! The reason? I am done! Yes I am also exhausted, mentally and physically, but I am done. And I am going to enjoy this moment because I come tomorrow I will begin to worry and fret about my grades. It is inevitable.

It is always a strange feeling being done with exams, you feel kind of relieved knowing that for at least the next month all that will be expected of you will be to eat massive amounts of food. Yes the holidays are looming, or the consumerist version of the holidays is. In some ways that almost destroys the actual tradition of each individual holiday. Although I expect I will write more on that later. Instead I will leave this post short and remind everyone to relax. Even if you have finals tomorrow, it is almost done.

And here are some pictures from this past week.  🙂

Exam Week: Day 3

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

So after spending most of yesterday in the ICU, also known as my bed, I woke up this morning feeling very much refreshed. Note to self, 9 hours of sleep in a 72 hour time period is never a good idea. Tomorrow I have both of my history finals (which I am for some reason excited for) and I thought that it might be fun to do another history related post. However, because it is finals week I am sure most people don’t want to spend the time reading through another lengthy post. (Nor do I really have time to spend writing said post, I still have some finals to study for too!) So instead I think I will write out another advice post. Instead of Research Advice, this time it will be study advice. Once again it will be related to History, however I think anyone can use some advice on studying. So here goes for what I have learned during the past 4 years! :)

  1. The first one I guess will be the obvious. As students,, we hear our Professors tell us this All The Time. It’s pretty simple. Don’t try to cram everything you need to know for an exam into 3 hours of intensive studying. It won’t work. Our short term memory is not that great. However, I do realize that most times we find out self short on time for studying. How to compensate for that? I recommend about 3-4 days ahead of the exam, just set aside an hour to go over the notes and articles you have read. Really you spend the same amount of time studying but because you spread it out, you have time to review everything you went over. Helping you remember. This video is just interesting, however accurate it may be….
  2. The second point is kind of related to the first one. However this one is more about how to study vast amounts of information, rather than when to do it. This is just something that has worked for me in the past, and maybe it will work for others. One thing that I like to do when studying for a history exam is to create a story out of all the dates and terms and people. Rather than memorizing each individual event, I try to make a story in my head about how each event leads to the next. This also works for people. Instead of memorizing everything about one person, then moving onto the next person and so on. I first look at how these people link together. This is especially the case for memorizing all the people involved in Watergate….
  3. The third point is something that I am sure has happened to everyone. Have you ever taken a test and come to a question that you don’t know the answer to, but you know EXACTLY where it is on a specific page in a book? Yes? Well that is our lovely photographic memory at work. This is why I recommend you multiple mediums to help study. Because quite frankly, why just use a book when you can also use video, or images, or audio to help you understand a topic? This is why I think the idea of Digital Humanities is pretty cool, because it brings all of that to you through the web. So I recommend hopping on Youtube or even the Internet Archive to find such things.
  4. Also, it is always helpful to study with a group. This does go along with the previous point about processing information, because it is another way in which you can re-learn the information you need for the exam. It is one thing to read about it, but it is an entirely different thing to talk about it. Also by talking with fellow students you will learn more and have a good time. ^^
  5. My final point makes me wish I took my own advice, but it is quite simple. Don’t forget to take care of yourself. That means sleeping, eating healthy, and also making sure your mind isn’t too overwhelmed by all the stress. The first one is simple, you need sleep otherwise you feel like crap. (There was a reason why most of yesterday was spent in my bed.) The second one is also simple, if you don’t get enough vitamins and nutrients then it really does hurt your body. (There is a reason why we are always told to rest and eat before big exams) And the final point? Well quite frankly there are times where your brain just needs a mind dump. So I recommend doing something not exam related. Something that you enjoy or helps you relax. For UMW students I do recommend the Stress-Free Zone. :D However, just doing something as simple as playing Tetris or going for a walk also helps.

That’s all I have for now. There are plenty of other ways to help study for exams and I am sure everyone has their own methods. These are just what works for me. If anyone else has any suggestions just comment! And Happy Studying :)

Exam Week: Day 2

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Ok, quick update on what I have completed. One 8 page paper, one 3 page paper, a 13 page transcript (with the help of my group partner =D), one 4 page paper, and my first exam. Needless to say I am excited to be done with all of this. All I have left are two exams on Thursday, which for some reason I am really excited about. (Kind of Masochistic, I know) Maybe it is the knowledge that after those exams I will be done. But anyway onto this weeks theming… procrastination and stress relief. Since I showed images yesterday I thought it would be appropriate to share video today.

The following videos are one I come to every finals week. I watched them last spring and last fall, and for some reason these videos never get old! Megan had already done a post on these, so I feel like it would be best to visit her page. However, if you are to lazy to here is an example of BBC’s Walk on the Wild Side:

The second video is kind of fitting because we are in the middle of Hanukkah. My friend sent me this video and honestly it cracks me up. It is really well done. However the only downside is that I am overcome by a sudden urge to spin Dreydels…

This final video is just another treasure of youtube I ran across. It definitely relates to Exam week, and it has a nice message. Plus it makes me wish I was in a class that would do this.

I hope I distracted you all enough! Time to pick up the books and start studying again!

Exam Week Continues…

Monday, December 6th, 2010

So I know it is still Monday, but it feels like ages already since my last post. Now that I have completed the assignments for my first exam this week I find myself procrastinating, yet again. I have  Psych exam tomorrow and a paper to finish for it. Sigh. Well part of my distraction led me to Facebook (it appears to be inevitable) and I ran across a nifty application which records your status updates for the year. Me being curious, combined with my desire to procrastinate led me to create on for myself. And here it is.

I thought after all of our discussion about archiving our work this was interesting. I admit it, I am curious about what my year was like. However it would be nice to see what my other years on Facebook were like too, namely because I want to see how much having a blog has influenced the frequency of my status update. I feel like as long as there is a personal space for me to go more in depth about my thoughts I don’t really care about the quick blurbs I send out to people. Yet these quick blurbs still end up saying a lot about me and this past year. I think the status that really defines that really defines this year is actually the first one. This is the first year where I became more involved in digital media. So seeing, “blogs are fun :) ” really adds to that. Strange that in just this year alone my voice has grown from, “blogs are fun :) ” to me actually sitting and writing a post about it.

Unfortunately, as is the way with Facebook, this is clearly not all of my statuses from this year. I think they probably picked a random few from each month. To gain access to that I will need to figure out how to get Think up working. Though that is a problem for another day, when I am not consumed by finals.  I guess it is time to get back to work….

Exam Week

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Well it’s here. Christmas Break can’t come soon enough. Between all the cramming, typing, editing that goes along with the lack of sleep, a proper diet, and a social life I need to find some sort of outlet. And I am sure there are others who are just as desperate as me. Unfortunately this outlet can’t be very time consuming because I have to return to the cramming, typing and editing. SoI have decided to share a piece of the web everyday this week to help make your day a bit brighter. I don’t really know what this entails, other than it has to make me A. Smile, B. Feel better about myself and the world and C. Realize that the Apocalypse will not be brought about because of Finals. (ok! Bad apocalypse joke!) So here is day 1 of this 5 day enterprise, which think will be fine with a couple of images. :)

First Image. Illusion. Our brains are tired, so this probably works better than it normaally would work.

If you click the image it takes you to the actual page. But I spent 10 min staring at this trying to figure out how it worked, and then I realized I should be doing something more productive. I guess that is the problem with the internet. It is just there, waiting for people to find stuff like this. However, in case this makes your head hurt more and now you just want to hate me, I bring you my:

Second Image. A Comic.

It’s by a fellow named Morten Ingemann. Unfortunately (or awesomely?) he is Danish, and all the information I could find about him was in Danish. So I am really left with nothing else to share. I hope that was enough thinking and quietly laughing to yourself for today. Back to studying! Or cramming, typing, and editing….