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Daily Shoot: More interested by the lines inside

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Image of stack of books

Today’s Daily Shoot assignment:

Make a photo of an interesting stack of books or magazines. Consider how you handle repeating lines in your composition.

Today’s shot is not too inspired, but I really didn’t have much time to take it, nor did I have the right light in my den. This is a series of books on the top shelf of one of the several built-in bookshelves in my new house (well, maybe not so new given we’ve owned it for a year this week). But at the same time, it feels new to me, and the built-in bookshelves are some of its nicest features, but I wasn’t up to capturing them adequately. So we’ll have to save that for another day. In the meantime, here’s my final daily shoot assignment for the section of the class on photography and visual storytelling. Now I just have to highlight my favorite shots from the whole class in a post sometime this weekend, and then on to audio stories.

I’m going to continue the daily shoot assignments because they really help me see things anew. I probably won’t post them regularly on the bava, rather I’ll send them right to Flick. Having the camera poised any given day is a habit I’d like to foster, and this past week has been a great exercise in training my habits of seeing