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Daily Shoot: Green Maelstrom

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Image DS311 for daily shoot project
The daily shoot assignment for today:

Communicate chaos, disorganization or messiness in a photograph. Find some beauty in it. (@divadeb88)

I don’t know why this one was so hard for me, and frankly I’m not totally crazy with my shot. That said, I did manage to approximate the image I had in my mind when I took it, which you can see below (thank you, Brian Lamb):
Image of maelstrom

If nothing else, these assignments start to pinpoint for me the elements of photography I would like to get a grasp on, like shutter speed, catching things in motion, dealing more intelligently with light, etc. But for the sake of time and sanity I will stick with this, unless my kids offer me a new vision of chaos when I get home tonight.