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Friday, October 1st, 2010

Proposal: Alrighty, I have been having the hardest time coming up with what to write about for this project because a lot of things I would be interested in writing about, it would be difficult to describe any particular process. So I decided to go with something I don’t have much experience with, but that I have always wanted to know more about, Photography. Since I only have my digital camera, I am going to be using that, exploring some of the different features it has, and I will be searching for different sources that will help me teach myself how to better take photos in different circumstances. So basically this is going to be trial and error for me, hopefully some things will be a success, and I am sure that there will be failures, but hopefully at the end of all of it I will be a better photographer. I will make about 2 posts a week with the different things I tried, my process, and my thoughts on it. If anyone has any suggestions or thoughts as I go through this process I would love to hear them!

Project Idea

Friday, October 1st, 2010

What I was thinking what I wanted to do with my blog for the rest of the semester I knew I had to find something that I liked to do, otherwise I wouldn’t stay on task. This made me think back to a class I took called Digital Approaches to Fine Art, which I liked a lot. The class had to do with manipulating images with Adobe Photoshop and even making animations. I decided that I will do either 2 photoshopped photos a week or 1 animation and see what I come up with. If you want to check out my project from adobe photoshop go to I will also put one here to show.

Made from a simple picture of crumbled ball of paper.

Sneaker Freak

Friday, October 1st, 2010

My idea for my digital story is going to be on the sneaker culture and art. I am a bit of a sneaker freak, I own a pretty good amount of sneakers and most of them I barley wear. I also own some that I wear like once a month just because they were pretty expensive haha, but I believe that shoes particularly sneakers speak a lot about someones style. You can have different colors and styles, but also portraits and other artistic designs. There is a large culture around sneaker art and most of it also leads into and comes from urban culture. I’m going to show some of the sneakers and the artists through out the rest of the semester. I’m going to use my book Art and Sole as a reference but also sneaker head websites like,,, and just to name a few. I’m also going to continue to post some music here because sneaker and hip-hop go hand-n-hand, maybe even some tunes inspired by sneaker themselves, anyone ever heard My Adidas by Run DMC….here you go.

Here some of Adidas 35th anniversary collection that came out awhile back

Project Proposal

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Wordle created using text from CNN'S Afghanistan Crossroads Blog

Study the front-page headlines or skim the World section of a newspaper and several words are likely inked on the day’s edition: Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, troops, convoy, military.

Perform a Google News search using the term “Afghanistan” and several of the 26,900 obtainable headlines link to hard news stories offering information on current events in the Middle East: US military deaths in Afghanistan at 1207. NATO sees Afghan city of Heart ready for transition.

The ongoing war in Afghanistan and recently (combat) concluded war in Iraq has dominated mainstream news coverage for nearly a decade.

Many of the news stories I’ve read or viewed thrive around politics or operational details about the wars’ progression.

My digital story aims to shift away from this trend by writing “slice of life” and “reconstruction” feature stories depicting people’s current and past “day to day” experiences with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Fredericksburg area’s proximity to Quantico Marine Corps Base, Fort Belvoir, Naval Support Facility Dahlgren and Fort A.P. Hill situate the region as an “armed forces melting pot,” and I am intrigued by how two large-scale wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have been felt locally by people in and from the Fredericksburg region.

To begin with, I plan to speak with one source, learn about her experiences as someone with a family member deployed to Afghanistan, and share her story in installments through writing, audio, images and video.

As the semester progresses, I hope to consider incorporating additional sources if they are willing to participate. I predict my digital story will primarily entail writing slice of life and reconstruction feature stories and shooting images, audio and video related to my topic.

Ideally, I would like to create a subdomain on my website and build/showcase my project separately there. I envision this separately because I think part of a digital story, especially journalistic in nature, is in its full presentation. I want to use a separate WordPress theme, layout and plugins specifically to enhance and reflect my project content/theme. I would still use my subdomain to blog about my process of creating/building the “separate” site, writing and using different tools to tell a story (similar to my past posts/tutorials, from journalistic writing techniques to a “technical” standpoint).


Thursday, September 30th, 2010

So…we’re supposed to be considering what our digital story will be for the remainder of the year. Here’s what I’m thinking: I would like to start blogging about the process by which I will become a dental hygienist. I think blogging will help me out because to be honest, I don’t exactly know EVERY detail to this process yet..I suppose I’m hoping to get help/suggestions/feedback about it. So that’s pretty much it…I dont wanna give too many details away right now because I’ll need something to write about later :P

Project Proposal

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Why you want to do this?  What you want to learn?  What do you intend to share throughout the process?

My proposal for what to blog about this semester is the process of making porcelain dolls for my individual study.  I’ll be making three dolls, then making plaster molds of them so I can then cast them with porcelain slip, finish them and fire them, then paint them.

I intend to share mostly the process of actually making the parts and casting, but at times when the dolls are finally finished and ready for painting maybe you guys can help me critique them?  Sometimes it’s nice to have a critique from people who aren’t so ‘art centered’, and are just looking at an object honestly.

Anyways, for those who haven’t figured it out I love dolls.  I don’t “play” with them, I paint them, make their clothes, and give them their own personalities(not in the sense that I think they’re people, but more like when you look at one you can see a story).  In some ways it’s difficult to justify my interest in dolls since people assume there’s more to it than innocent interest, but they’re something I think about every day and there’s nothing more to it than I find them compelling.

If anyone is interested in my personal life or more about the dolls I collect(as opposed to make) I’ve been blogging for a long time at:

I’ll leave you with a picture of my manicure I did yesterday; yes, they’re my real nails and I don’t cut them.  Sometimes I wonder if I just have more quirks than most people?

Project Proposal

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

For my semester project I want to do a reality tv blog. I am going to watch a different realty tv show each night then blog about them the next day. I am going to get other opinions, listen to people talking on campus and go onto the shows blogs and bring that into my own blog. My roommates also want to be involved in it, and they want to make videos about the shows, or imitating the shows. It should be interesting! I really want to know what others think about certain shows and how they relate to our lives. Hopefully it works out!

Project Ideas

Monday, September 27th, 2010

For anyone who reads this post and uses Cast Iron Coding, I just noticed that I have to renew the service by the end of the week!  Just a reminder because I completely forgot until I saw it written down.

But, onto the topic at hand:  Yesterday I spend a substantial amount of time researching ideas for my blogging project.  I’ve been thinking about what I want to do since the first week of school, but only a few promising ideas have come to mind.

My first idea was inspired by the fact that I’m a miserable cook (and it doesn’t help that I’m not a fussy eater), so I haven’t had much motivation to conquer the culinary arts.  My roommate, however, is an excellent cook, so I feel I could learn a lot from her.  Last week she hosted a vegan dinner party at our apartment and the food was amazing!  (I’d never before had an entire meal made from vegan-friendly dishes, so I had no idea what to expect.)  These chocolate chip cookies are definitely worth learning how to make.  Anyway, for this project, I would make something new every week (or however many times a week we’re supposed to blog) and talk about the process, what I learned, how successful I was, and what other people think of my attempted recipes, etc.

But then our Daily Shoot week happened, and I am suddenly inclined to learn something about photography.

Before I get into anything else, I should mention the last time I took a creativity-driven class was in high school (AutoCAD classes were the best!) and I took my last “official” art class in the eighth grade—yes, back in 2002, i.e. nine years ago.  The slew of science classes I’ve taken in college hasn’t helped the situation, either.  Needless to say, the right side of my brain needs a little exercise.

Hence, my second idea:

What I learned from our Daily Shoot assignments is that photography isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible, either, if you put some thought into it.  Granted, I really know nothing about it, so my idea is to learn something about photographic technique—i.e. framing, composition, lines, shapes, subject placement, light, etc. through my DS106 project.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a fancy SLR camera, but I realized I could use this project to potentially justify an upgrade come the end of the semester.  (I’ve wanted a new camera for awhile, but I wouldn’t want to buy a nice one if I don’t know anything about taking pictures!)  So, for now, I’ll stick to the basics of image construction and organization and see how much I can learn before the semester’s through.  For anyone else considering a photography-based project, I highly recommend going to the library and scanning the photography section.  I found some interesting and helpful resources there!  (There’re also some books on the NetLibrary, too.)

Tom Ang–Digital Photographer’s Handbook

George Schaub–Using Your Digital Camera

Harald Mante–The Photograph: Composition and Color Design

Paul Comon–Digital Photo Design: How to Compose Winning Pictures