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Scientific Proof ds106 Rocks

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

During the course of this semester I met with all the ds106 internauts individually at least three times to gauge their progress and generally carve out sometime to make sure everything we are doing makes sense—a way to make up for my complete disorganization. So during my final meeting with Karen Strat this afternoon she actually surprised me by bringing in an experiment for our final meting and “evaluation.” The experiment played off of her obsession with sports science (though she claimed she wasn’t obsessed with anything—which proved falsch). Now I’m not sure what this particular experiment has to do with sports, but I do know it scientifically proves ds106 rocks!

A Mashedup ds106 Xmas Card

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Have a happy holiday ds106 inernauts!

Now looking for some hanukkah and Kwanzaa mashups :)

Discovered via this post on BoingBoing.


Monday, December 6th, 2010

With the help of Prof. Groom (thanks again!), I changed web hosts and moved my domains and subdomains from Cast Iron Coding to Bluehost this afternoon.

I’m keeping each of my domain names as-is. Media Megan is where I’ll continue to blog and Aisle 2 Bin 36 is where the results of the project I’ve been working on and blogging about in ds106 will be posted shortly.

All for JAWS…

Monday, December 6th, 2010

One of the best things about this class is finding out just how much we all have in common with each other. Case in point: someone has already linked to the “Reflection” song from Mulan! Just jealous I didn’t get there first!

As I think back to the first day of class, I can see why I decided to brave it and stay for the semester. When I registered for the class I pretty much thought I was shooting myself in the foot. What do I know about computer science!? With a pessimistic outlook for the semester, I arrived at the first day of class and was, well, enlightened!

In the same way that the movie The Social Network had nothing to do with Facebook and everything to do with friends, so to was this class something quite unexpected. Although the course title puts ‘Digital’ in front of ‘Storytelling,’ I soon realized that at its core, this class was about storytelling. The ‘Digital’ part was simply the medium we would be using to tell our stories.

Admittedly, I took this class to fulfill a general requirement for performance where something is created. I wasn’t really sure how it would fulfill anything, but I soon understood after about the first week just how much we would be creating… a LOT.

Honestly, I was hooked in with our JAWS discussion of the first day. But as each of the early assignments progressed, I began to question my judgment. We still hadn’t started our projects and all we did was read and comment about Web 2.0! Just as I was beginning to get anxious for what the rest of the semester held, we did the “Film in 6 Frames” assignment and all my fears were allayed. The class momentum really picked up after the Daily Shoot, and I don’t think I was the only one to feel a little blue to say goodbye to that assignment.

The assignments really stepped it up after that, and I honestly don’t think I was really ready. (Maybe I was still mourning the loss of the Daily Shoot.) I think I kind of dropped the ball a bit on the “Uninteresting Story” and I think that was simply brought on by a total lack of focus working at home. I still liked the idea for the story, but dissatisfied with my own final product. The video commentary proved to be a bit frustrating for me, but I blame my computer.

Honestly the idea for that project is one of my favorites, because I’m always the one watching all of those movie extras with directors’ and actors’ commentary. After using the Ultimate Mac of all Macs to solve my commentary problems, my assignment was finished. Thinking back, I think I would have chosen a different movie to comment on; despite my fondness for it, I don’t Dead Poets Society was the perfect choice for this class. The Mashup was, well, challenging. I’m certainly glad I did it, and don’t regret my choice, but this was the first time I felt truly limited by my own technology. Upon completion I felt good, satisfied even. However, after viewing and commenting on everyone else’s videos, my video felt, well, amateur. (Which makes sense, because that’s what I am!) Still, I’m glad we did something so challenging, and it gave me a newfound respect for artists like POGO. I loved the idea of the “View from the Street” assignment, and I’ve shared the technology we used for that assignment. But in the end I didn’t feel like we had enough time for that assignment, or maybe I just didn’t have the time. The fan fiction was certainly fun, but I had difficultly seeing how it connected to the rest of the semester. I think it would have done well  being introduced earlier on.

The only assignments I can really look back with any degree of satisfaction, is my semester project. My semester with the Korean exchange students was a blast, and I hope this showed in my Tooth posts. (Of course I took any opportunity to fit sharks into my blog.) I’m also really grateful that this class offered an opportunity for me to record my thoughts and reflections during such a meaningful semester.

Despite the overwhelming workload, the hours spent riddled with frustration and anxiety, and the persistent urge to hurl my laptop across the room, I would definitely take this class all over again.







Tooth #7: Made Ya Look!

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Drum Roll Please!

Drum Roll



The Moment You’ve All (I’m Sure) Been Waiting For



Now, before we begin, I think it’s a good idea to take a quick review, a listen down Musical Lane if you will! I’ll go through some of the videos I’ve shared with you over the semester, just as a nice warm-up as we crescendo to the heart of this post…

First I started out with a soft, simple selection so as not to SHOCK and awe, but rather to inspire. I said this simple piano piece from Epitone Project  would set an easygoing, contemplative tone for my blog, and I hope it has.

Second, I used a very different strategy. This time I tried very hard to SHOCK and awe you guys. I needed to grab your interest! So here, back for an encore performance, is the Korean Lady Gaga, Boa!

Third, and sadly last, I posted a video reminiscent of the Age of Boy Bands, AKA the 90′s. Here, the group Shinee bravely returns to that epic time where choreography and costuming were more important than lyrics.

After reviewing all of these videos, I’m sure you’re wondering, “Ok…What next!?

Well, nothing actually!

Here comes the REAL shock of it all…that’s it!!! With all of my research and illegally downloaded Limewire, I’ve come to an interesting realization. All of this music I was listening to, it all had one thing in common….and that was language. Strangely enough, I don’t mean the Korean language! If you notice, from song titles to lyrics, none of these songs did without English!

What’s even more fascinating, is that as I went through the semester asking the Korean students about what kind of music they listened to, I realized that they knew more American pop music than me! That’s the music that they listen to in Korea, so that’s what they know! It seems strange, and from an American perspective, almost unthinkable! And yet my collection of Korean music didn’t grow as quickly as I originally imagined it would. Instead, my library of today’s big Grammy nominees broadened, because that’s what they knew! 

When asked what one of the student’s FAVORITE song was, this was the resulting video:

With the group name, song title, and lyrics being in English, I don’t have to tell you I was a little thrown! Still, as glad as I am that their music is so accessible, I find it frustrating that it’s our language that has become so dominant. I suppose it’s just a result of globalization, but I don’t think that’s a very good excuse.

I think we’re quickly coming to an age where we need to begin to meet in the middle, or, God-forbid, bend our American ways a bit. I’m not saying we should all stop speaking English and learn Mandarin for when the Chinese take over, but I am saying that it’s time we look out to others as real equals from whom we have a great deal to learn.

If anything, at least we’ll learn ourselves a bit better!

So for my final Tooth vocabulary word, and word of farewell, I chose the phrase “Id da ba!” Instead of saying a permanent goodbye, I hope, just with the Korean students, that this is not our last meeting. “Id da ba” means, “See you later!” and of course I figure that I will, “Id da ba!”


P.S. Quick side note! POGOjust posted some new mashups….PLEASE check it out!

P.P.S. My posts title is totally referencing Aladdin when, at the very end, Genie picks up the film reel and says, “Made ya look!” as if he’s tricked us…..Yes, I spent about 35 minutes looking for the video on Youtube…..No, they don’t have it. But that doesn’t make it any less of a classic catch phrase!

Tooth #6: The Hair Rainbow

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

I just thought I’d start my blog on Korean hair by posting a video that I recently shared with my roomie, Sunyoung. She was busy writing a paper on African American women’s hair trends reflecting white women’s styles, when I so thoughtfully interrupted her to share this video. We began talking about the different standards of beauty, how things have changed over time, and how we need to redefine what we see as beautiful.

But that’s not actually where the idea for this post began. It all started several months ago at the beginning of the semester when, after taking a shower, I emerged from our bathroom with a head full of very wet hair. Not thinking anything of it, I went about getting ready when Sunyoung suddenly surprised me with a cry of exclamation. She stared, wide-eyed, at my hair which had turned a shocking color of dark brown. She couldn’t believe my hair had changed color simply by getting wet! When she asked me how this was possible, I had absolutely no idea. I mean, this was something that my light hair has done since I was a baby, and I’ve never thought to ask why!

Which brings me to Korean hair…

So I know this is totally a stereotype and certainly doesn’t apply to everyone, but Koreans have amazing hair. (I mean, Asian hair is awesome in general. Come on! Tell me you didn’t want Mulan’s hair!!??)

But that’s besides the point! Where I’m getting at is this: just as the video showed the progression of our idea of beauty in the U.S., we can see how Korean standards of alter as well. In Korea it’s very rare to see someone with naturally wavy or curly hair; everyone just has straight, dark brown/black hair. So it’s now very fashionable to perm one’s hair. Now, at first that kind of surprised me, mostly because when I hear the word “perm” a woman with a frizzy mess of  late 80′s early 90′s curls comes to mind. But that’s just me! For them a perm is a bit of a wave to their hair, just enough to stand out.

And that’s what leads me to the main idea of the Hair Rainbow. In Korea, where the majority of the population is Korean, everyone looks very similar. By changing their natural hair, the Koreans look different enough to really stand out in the crowd. I’m not going to post any pictures here, but all you really need to do is tune into channel 79 on the UMW cable, and you’ll see MBC America, the Korean American network. Here you’ll get a taste for Korean news, drama, and game shows. Now not everyone is going out dyeing their hair, but it’s certainly no surprise to see someone both men and women with spiky blonde hair, or a bubble gum-pink wig. Just the other day one of the Korean Exchange students came to my room to ask where she can get her hair dyed…!

I mention all of this, not in an attempt to look at how different we are, but to point out a funny cross-cultural paradox. In making themselves look different from one another, the Koreans of course stand out, especially against an ethnic backdrop that is so alike. However, in this self-expression they also come together. They make themselves outwardly dissimilar, but through their choice for their own personal taste and fashion comes a bond with the rest of the world and its constantly changing style.

SO! This week’s Korean vocabulary word, due to the SHOCKING surprise of the crazy hair, will be an expression of surprise that the Korean students use daily. “Hore Tayba.” It took me about a month to realize, after a heavy sigh of relief, that they weren’t saying “whore.” This phrase is often used like, “Wow!” or “Oh my gosh!” But I think it’s more fun to say than both of those!


Switching to Blogger

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

So I’ve now moved my site to

I think everything is working correctly… still trying to get the site to add my posts to the ds106 website. Hopefully that will be worked out soon!


Friday, December 3rd, 2010

For me, Digital Storytelling turned out to be a wild ride. I remember that in the first week or so of the semester, I had to Skype Mr. Groom when he was in Puerto Rico in order to receive help with getting my website started. At that moment, I knew this class would be different. Just think about it: how many times have you Skyped your other professors when they were on a tropical island? Since I am on the subject, I will give my assessment of our beloved instructor, Mr. Groom. I found Mr. Groom to be unbelievably accessible; I could always get a hold of him. And from my experience, he was able to help me solve my problems 99% of the time. Those things being said, Mr. Groom is a human-being and like all of us, he has certain shortcomings. His lack of organization proved to be my main complaint. A reoccurring example of this was that it usually took him a few days to post the directions for the assignments we were given in class. Another thing that perplexed me a little was the whole scenario about the “Social Network” movie. Mr. Groom wanted us all to see the movie so that we could have a class discussion about it, but that discussion failed to materialize. And, for the record, I am not trying to smack talk Mr. Groom here; I think he is a great guy and I just want to give an honest interpretation as to how things played out in the class.
My favorite assignment of the class was, incontestably, the daily shoot series. Although the shoots required a fairly large time commitment each day, they were so much fun to do! During the shoot every day, I thought of what would make both a good photo and fulfill the demands of the prompt. Overall, I think my photos turned out fairly well and if I could reselect my semester project, I probably would have chosen to do the daily shoot every day.
Another assignment I really enjoyed was the two-part fan fiction segments. Before working on my own tribute, I did not realize that fans were paying homage literally everywhere on the web! And paying homage is relatively easy to do; you simply need an idea and you are off rolling with it.
The video projects were my least favorite part of the class. Making the videos was interesting, but it was also so incredibly frustrating at times! In addition, video production requires significant amounts of time to complete. My mashup of the Office turned out to be a little off the mark from what I initially imagined. I had found a sound board that had audio clips from different movies, but I realized too late that they were of pretty low quality. Sometimes you just have to go with what you’ve got and that was what happened with the mashup.
My semester image story started off a little slow. At our mid-way meeting, Mr. Groom kicked my butt and told me to step up my project. I failed to explain something at the meeting though and I will give the details now. I call my mom pretty much every day without fail. For the few weeks before our meeting, it seemed like every time I talked to my mom I wound up saying, “yea, I just finished working on some Digital Storytelling.” It got to the point where my mom eventually asked me multiple times, “do you ever work on anything besides Digital Storytelling? Why don’t you put some time into your other classes?” This background story explains some of the reason why I didn’t post for my image story for two weeks towards the beginning of the project. After my meeting with Mr. Groom, however, I definitely recommitted myself to the project. As soon as I left our meeting, I sat down and spent a few hours writing a new post for my semester project. And since the meeting I have stayed on track as to what I put forth in my proposal; I have published a post every week and, for a single week, created two posts. I realize that the topic of my semester project appeals to a select audience. That said, I found my research to be extremely interesting and I definitely connected with the material. For those who were less inclined to read, I made sure to include visual images in all my posts and I even have a video of Trafalgar! I tried to cover Trafalgar from multiple angles and get into the depth of the subject that would not be present in a history lecture or school textbook.
Overall, Digital Storytelling was a class that both interested and challenged me. For some of the things we talked about in class, I had no idea they even existed, so I was sometimes greatly surprised. Through the class, I learned things about myself, my fellow internauts, and the world; it doesn’t get much better than that!

Semester Image Story Conclusion

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

For my final semester image story post, I want to look at some living history. If you are so inclined, you can actually visit Nelson’s flagship, the HMS Victory, at Portsmouth harbor in England. The ship is still commissioned in the Royal Navy, making it the oldest active duty ship in the world. It is mind boggling that the ship survived Trafalgar and now is a laboratory of history. If I am ever in England, I am definitely seeing the Victory!

Some Favorite Kicks

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Here are some of my favorite Kicks that I want to get a hold of.. Since class is winding down thought I would share some of my favorite sneakers.

Nike Air Max 90 Royal/Obsidian

Jordan 8′s Aqua

Asics Gel Lyte iii Alvin Purple

Nike Air Hoop Structure Black/Hot Red

I have a pair of air max LTD’s which look similar to the air max 90′s but I am going to buy a pair of the 90′s later. I just also ordered the air structure a little Christmas present for myself.  The Jordan 8 are expensive like $229.99 so I going to hold off on those.  As far as for the Gel Lytes the Alvin Purple is limited addition so I’m going to look at other colors and see what I can get a hold of.