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Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Ok I think I have finally finished up with everything. I didn’t realize until now all of my youtube videos that I embedded broke, but I think I went back and fixed all of them. At first  I was having trouble backing up my information because I wasn’t using cast iron coding, instead I was using Fat Cow. Eventually after talking with Professor Groom and some of the people from Fat Cow I figured out how to back up the information even though I wasn’t able to back it up fully due to the limitations with Fat Cow. I would not go with Fat Cow again if I had the choice, but it was certainly a learning experience. Otherwise last Thursday’s class helped me figure out everything else I needed to know about how to put my blog onto UMW Blogs at  I am sad to see this class come to an end, but alas all great things come to an end.

DS 106 Final Project- Success

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

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Hey Everyone!

Thought my second site was not really created for me to make posts, I thought that it would be fitting to make just one. I had originally created the site to use it for my DS 106 Final Class Project. Though it got off to a rocky start, I can honestly say that in the end all the reading, studying, and preparation that went into the making of the actual project were not wasted. I just couldn’t figure out how to show you all the neat CSS info that I was studying. After meeting with my professor countless times, he suggested that I make a separate site from my main one and use this site to show all that I had learned. The next daunting step would be to figure just how to go about showing you all the changes I was making to it and just how I made them. I then decided to use JING to show you all each thing that I was doing and how. After my first video I was able to continue cranking them out. In the end I was able to make changes to the new site and personalize it. I know that I had originally wanted to create my own theme, but in the end I think that in many ways I did just that. I can only hope that my videos were successful in documenting my process but also in helping all of you. So this is it, all of my hard work has paid off and my new site was a complete success in my eyes.

Here is the finished product of all my hard work! Check It Out!

CSS Trick #7- The Last One

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

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Hey everyone! I can’t believe I am done already. This is my seventh and final last CSS trick tutorial that I will be sharing with you all. In this video I show you how to change the color of the sidebar headings using basic CSS. I can only hope that you will find this last video just as helpful as all of the others. Please feel free to leave me comment about what you all think! ENJOY!

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CSS Trick #6

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

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Hey everyone! This is another quick tutorial that I made for my final project in this one I show you all how to change the background color of your site using CSS. I hope you all enjoy! Please feel free to leave comments and tell me what you think.


Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

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Recently My Professor was telling my DS 106 class about archiveing our work and how very important it is. He told us that there are many sites like Facebook and Twitter that actually keep our work and leave us with no means of accessing the history of our own work on our own time. This raised an idea that I had never before imagined. I guess I never thought about it, but Facebook owns our posts and our status updates and even our photo uploads. We don’t actually own any of it. We can just access what we’ve done through their means. They can do what ever they please with what they own! I was left a little unsettled after this thought. However Professor Groom offered a speedy solution to ease my frustration, a site called Think Up. Think Up allows its users to chose from various generations of programs for download. Once installed and prepped, this program is supposed to keep a running archive of any and all of your Facebook or Twitter work history. But how does it all work? I was interested to see for myself.

After visiting the site, I downloaded version Beta 4 and went into my downloads folder to view it. Once there I clicked on the icon labeled Think Up. After it came I was left in complete confusion. There were various folders with different titles and each time I clicked on a new folder I was left to decipher pages and pages of coding. Thank goodness I studied a little about CSS for my final project because after sifting through folder 6 I realized that it was just a compilation of all the coding that went behind the application. I was a little upset because I of the confusing and time that I spent trying to figure it all out.

In the end Think Up was just a major let down!

DS 106- Its Been A Good Run!

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

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Hey everyone! This is my final assignment for my Digital Storytelling class. For our final assignment we were asked to write an assessment of the course and our reflection of the work and projects that we have covered during our time in the class. Just as the picture suggest each of these elements were all integrated into the DS 106 course.

I must say that I have been in DS 106 now an entire semester now and I can honestly testify that I have gained more knowledge about the course matter than I could ever have imagined. I was tested on not only my current knowledge of basic computer science but also challenged to be creative and diligent on a daily basis. Professor Groom’s teaching style was very different from most that I have experienced. He allowed each of us to get exactly what we wanted out of each assignment and continued to set the bar higher and higher, while challenging us to exceed his expectations again and again. I have enjoyed the tremendous effort and copious amount of time he has poured not only into this class but into each student as well.

He made himself more than available to each of us and for this I greatly thank him. Professor Groom unknowingly has set the standard for any other Computer Science Professors I may have for the duration of my studies here at Mary Washington. Every teacher from now on will be held to his standard and I can only hope that they will be able to meet.

As for the actual material that was covered during the class, I can not begin to illustrate. We covered just about every medium possible. Along with this wide array came many challenges. For one, I got off to a little bit of a delayed start, because of a freak health emergency, I missed the first two class and accordingly started off behind my classmates. However, I was determined to get back on track and with a little extra reassurance from Professor Groom I was able to catch up with the rest of my class in a few days time. Little did I know my next challenge would come slightly later on in the course. Before I knew it we were covering Audio. I found audio difficult at first because I was having the hardest time adjusting to the AUDACITY program and exactly how it worked.

I went to Professor Groom for a little extra help and was able to get the hang of it. In fact the next audio assignment titled UNINTERESTING STORY, an assignment in which we had to record an uninteresting story told to us by a friend, family member, or loved one and make it interesting by adding sound effects or our own narrative, proved to be one of my favorites. However following soon after came another challenge, video. This particular section came with a disclaimer. Professor Groom warned us that his last class had completely misdirected their understanding of the challenges that video introduced and  had a very difficult time grasping the assignments. With this warning came an added bonus, we had someone to come in and speak to the class about his extensive knowledge of video. The various tools he provided us with were so very helpful and made the task a little less daunting. Though I originally had difficulty with video, I soon got the hang of things and was even able to produce some pretty good works using it.

Another one of my favorites was the DAILY SHOOT assignment in which each student was asked to follow the prompt giving by the Daily Shoot website and take a photo. In conjunction with this assignment we were each asked to create a twitter and flickr account in which we could store the images and link back to the Daily Shoot site in order for our images to be pulled into its database. I loved this assignment because it allowed me to take a little bit of time out of my normal day and be an artist. I would find myself checking the Daily Shoot site each morning right after I woke up so that I could meditate on how to capture the prompt in an effective and artistic manner. I love the amount of creativity that was infused into this course. It truly gives students a chance to think outside of the box, a concept that is not really well received in most of our other classes.

At first I was some what concerned about this class as a whole. With no prior computer science knowledge and my basic understanding of the Internet, I wasn’t really sure how much I would get out of this class. However, this class has offered more to me than I ever thought possible and has even inspired me to consider computer science as a very probable minor for me. I was even given many wonderful tools for producing wonderful works, tools I may not have other wise found or even used.  In conclusion, I will and have recommended this class to many others. DS 106 offers you a chance to think outside of the normal constraints, improve your knowledge of the Internet and all it has to offer, inspire you to step up and speak out for your goals, and even learn loads in the process.


CSS Trick #5

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

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Hey everyone! I hope that you all have been finding these things helpful and useful. As I was sitting in my DS 106 class today and I started to think about the impact that these videos may or may not be having on the outside world. I can only hope that These videos can help someone in the future! This particular video is all about the CSS behind changing the font of your blog title. I hope you enjoy this one as much as the others. Let me know what you think!?

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CSS Trick #4

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

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Hey everyone, its me again! I just wanted to make sure to upload another video that I made for you guys about CSS tricks. I hope that you all can understand me? I have been really sick with my sinuses and all, and I wanted to do screen casts because it seems to be the best, most effective way to show what I need to show. I am feeling better but I’m sorry that it is a little harder to hear. I hope that this one is just as helpful as the others, non the less. This particular video is about the CSS behind changing the font of the titles in your side bar. Please tell me what you think?

CSS Trick #3

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

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Hey everyone! I know its been a while since I posted some more CSS stuff but I had a busy break. I am sure you all can understand, since our break was so short and now everyone is focused on finals. This particular trick is all about the CSS behind changing the width of the page. I hope that you all are finding these posts helpful. I have read several postes now and I have to admite, I feel really encouraged to bring you all more. Hope you enjoy this one as much as you have enjoyed the last two! Don’t forget to tell me what you think!?

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SNL Mash-up of the best fo Season 36

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

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This week my professor asked the class to make something that would pay homage to the object of our obsession, a post that was prompted by last week’s class. As most of you know, I posted about one of my favorite shows, Saturday Night Live. I had originally decided that I would make a remix of the opening song by mixing it with the hit song of each performing artist of this current season. Great idea, right? Well it wasn’t so easily executed and that is part of the reason why this is getting posted so late. After many failed attempts I decided to just post my favorite clips from this current season. I hope that you all enjoy and please tell me which one’s are your favorites.

This first one is from last week’s episode. I love it because I feel like everyone knows a One-uper.

WARNING: There is a bit of crude humor in this one! I like this one because it is so catchy and Shy Ronnie is hilarious.

I love how catchy this one is! I was singing this for like 10 minutes after I watched this…Hey everybody did you hear the news…..!

This one is a good one because it sounds like it could easily be true! Don’t Black Friday commercials really sound like this!?

I love how well he can rap in these voices! I mean it really sounds like Jay Z, Drake, and Biggie are actually saying it!

WARNING: Again slightly crude humor! Can I just say that I love Jane as Sue from Glee! This one is funny because of how wacky it is!

I love these musical parodies! Sounds so similar!

I love how accurate Nancy Pelosi’s facial expressions are!

hahahah! This one speaks for itself!

I hope that you enjoyed all of my favorite clips from this SNL Season 36