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Redirecting-A Quick Tutorial

Friday, September 10th, 2010

Until yesterday, when I typed my domain into my browser’s address bar, this is what I saw:

Now when I type or, I’m automatically redirected to my blog.

It is very easy to redirect your domain to your blog subdomain. Here’s how if you use Cast Iron Coding as a web host:

1.Login to cPanel.
2.Scroll down to the “Domains” box and click Redirects.

3. Select your domain name from the drop down menu. Leave the box next to it blank.

4. Type the URL of your blog after “redirects to –>” Be sure to include http://!

5. After “www redirection,” select “Redirect with or without www.”

6. Click Add.

I didn’t know how to do this until I began playing around in cPanel. In case anyone else in the class was wondering how to activate this option, I hope this post helps!