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Homage/last photoshop post.

Monday, November 29th, 2010

This is my last (maybe) photo shop post, and it is my homage to Futurama. Before I start I want to give a shoutout to America’s Finest Newsource, The Onion. When I first started this, I didn’t really think that I was inspired by The Onion. It was mostly because I had fun with the Sarcozy pictures. However, the Onion is a master at photoshop:

THAT IS INGENOUS. They make up a funny story, and then make an amazing photo. They did a perfect job with the photshopping. Look at that. That looks real. That looks like a bloody priest sacrificing people to Coporate America. I just find it hilarious.

The next photos are my Homage to Futurama. They are Ads that would probabally be posted in the universe.Enjoy.

I see you driving round town with the girl i love, and I’m like…

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

Ok this is my Google maps project. I decided to do the walk that I usually do (although in the opposite direction I usually go) and talk about certain points that are meaningful. Its really funny because people will be like “I see you walking around” I usually listen to music, so don’t be angry if I don’t notice your car. There is a man that I look at after the retirement home, and I think that it is me, but unfortunately it is not (I never carry a water bottle). Sorry about the watermark, the program just did that.

Anchorman: the Legend of an American Psycho

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

So here is my mash up, I like some parts, and not others. This project started with finding a good youtube movie downloader (that’s not the one I used, but is better than the one i found. I  found it on kevin’s blog). I looked through youtube for suitable trailers. Most of my movies are extremely violent, psychotic, adult and/or comedic. Immediately I started looking for Disney trailers. Some of Pixar’s are too over done, so I ignored those. Some of the older hand drawn animation were too hard to work with. I was going to do Alice in Wonderland with Pan’s Labrynth or Platoon, but there are no walrus and carpenter scenes in either (the ad said “see the walrus and the carpenter”). Then I looked for the animated Robin Hood and was going to mix that with Mel Brook’s Robin Hood Men in Tights (He is by far one of the best comedy producers ever, I have never seen a bad Mel Brooks film), but I couldn’t find the trailer for the Disney Robin Hood. By then, I had started getting desperate, and was thinking of putting the Lion King with some really dark movie, such as 28 Days Later, The Last King of Scotland or anything. I finially gave up, and just decided to watch the Anchorman, when It dawned upon me, there was a helicopter, women, a crazy man, a dog, in American Psycho. So I downloaded the trailer, movie etc. and mixed and mashed them together. Here is the fruit of my labor. Watching it is sort of like watching Sgt. Donny Donowitz bash in a natzi’s head, gruesome, but hilarious.

Assignment 7

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

This is my little brother’s (Cade) story on how he almost died at a water park. I edited some mistakes and added in a sound track. Enjoy Cade’s Story


Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

Many of you last week saw my Sarcozy post, and many liked it. While I used Preview to make those first two pictures, I decided to Learn the ins and outs of Adobe Photo shop. I am going to be doing projects whenever possible, so If you have any pictures that need to be photo shopped, send one to me, and I will be glad to photoshop it, just realize that I  am going to post the picture(s) on this blog.

Favorite Photos

Sunday, September 26th, 2010
  • Assignment 1: Take a picture of foliage. Favorite photo: Lindsay Walker’s. I liked this one, because unlike the others, This one didn’t show green. In reality, it was a shadow on foliage Which I think shows creativity on a whole different level.
  • Assignment 2: “Make a photo of two complementary objects arranged in a pleasing composition, one large and one small.” Favorite photo: Morgan Downing’s. This photo brings you onto a mental mind trip. In your mind, and therefore reality, the two objects are the same, kiwis are green. However your eyes say that the brown kiwi contrasts with the green paper.
  • Assignment 3: “Some carry a talisman, amulet, ‘lucky charm’, or just a comforting thing in our pocket. What do you carry?” Favorite photo: Brian Berguland’s. I like how the photo plays with reflections.
  • Assignment 4: “Make a photograph of something that is soft, or at least looks that way. Convince the viewer of the softness.” Favorite photo: Click Here. The name and the photo are just sardonic.
  • Assignment 5: “Use a mirror as part of a composition in a photograph today. Show yourself in the image if you’d like!” Favorite Photo: Jenn Arndt’s. Of all these, this is my favorite. 1. The contrast between the mirror (color) and the background (gray), is awesome. 2. There is a lot of movement in this picture.
  • Assignment 6: “Communicate chaos, disorganization or messiness in a photograph. Find some beauty in it.” Favorite photo: Jim Groom’s. Most people when doing this project did theirs in their room. (I’m guilty too, I just lifted my camera a foot off my desk, took the photo, uploaded it, and shouted “Done!”), this was a nice contrast to the norm.
  • Assignment 7: “Symmetry can be calm and soothing. Make a photo today featuring symmetry, either in subject or composition.” Favorite Photo: Gretchen Houser’s. The books are a nice foreshadowing to the next assignment.
  • Assignment 8: “Make a photo of an interesting stack of books or magazines. Consider how you handle repeating lines in your composition.” Favorite Photo: Kevin Cherniawski’s. Nice title, I had a friend that would sleep on his pillow before every test, somehow he still failed half of his quizzes.

Photo 3

Monday, September 20th, 2010

This photo was done out of downright laziness, Because I don’t know how to make something appear “soft” so

photo 3

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

here is the third photo, though different half dollar than photo 2. the background is digital camouflage.

photo 2

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

Assignment 6 Day 1

Friday, September 17th, 2010