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Monday, September 27th, 2010

Lindsay – Day One
Lucky Bamboo
I loved how the colors in the photo coexist so easily and how they are made more brilliant by the incoming sunlight. Keeping the shades down is a good touch in this instance because the angle of the sun creates some interesting shadows.

Jessica Houck – Day Two
Daddy's Little Girl
The photo stood out to me because of its simple elegance. Taking the picture in black and white removed unnecessary distractions and the backdrop of the floor is unassuming.

Ashley – Day Three
I liked the natural subject recreated in an artificial way. The grass seems to be turf and the lady bug is definitely not alive because of the overly large eyes.
Overall, it is a very cute shot!

Mr. Groom – Day Four
Daily Shoot: A Softer 12 in Blue
The perspective of the shot makes it seem like the viewer sneaked up on the cat and that at any moment the cat will realize we are there and claw us! The sun striking the cat’s whiskers creates what looks like light beam emanating from the face of the cat.

Morgan – Day Five
ds310 - actual
It is crazy to think that cell phones act as such effective mirrors. The entire photo has things happening in it, making it unique.

Morgan – Day Six

I liked the role the viewer plays in this photo- being an observer. The reflections in the mailbox were a bonus.

Megan – Day Seven
The intense colors immediately drew my attention and the bookends create a cool frame for the shoot. Added to this is the reflectivity of the table top, which mirrors the books.

Kevin – Day Eight
Learning by Osmosis- ds313
This caught my interest because of the three books of similar length with the Java book serving as the capstone. Also, most people probably do not realize that all those books are exerting a good deal of force and that could be why the subject is biting his lip.