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Daily Shoot 8: The Last Day of The Challenge

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

Hey everyone. Today is the last day of our Daily Shoot prompt challenge and I am happy to announce that I have been able to follow the shoot as it has progressed each day for about a week now. Today’s prompt was: “Make a photo of an interesting stack of books or magazines. Consider how you handle repeating lines in your composition.” I felt inspired to take a picture of all those glossy books that were the most visually exciting. I found that each book had its own color pallet, which made up the colors that made the covers of the book. I took several different shots but I felt that this one captured the essence of each book as a unit and then the collect group as a whole as well. So you tell me; what do you think and how would you set this shot up differently, if you were taking it?

I also really like this one. The more I think about it, I feel that I may have chose the wrong photo to submit. I think I like this one best. What do you think?