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Daily Shoot #5

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Hey Everyone, as you all know from older posts, I am still taking part in the Daily Shoot challenge posted by DS 106 professor. Today’s Daily Shoot prompt was; “Use a mirror as part of a composition in a photograph today. Show yourself in the image if you’d like!” I had the idea to take a mirror image of two mirrors. I thought it would be neat concept to try to replicate, so I went to the only place where you can find multiple mirrors next to each other, the restroom. I found a few different bathrooms that had mirrors side by side but none of them were quite right. Feeling defeated, I decided to head back to my room and get some homework done instead. When I made it back to my building, I went into the restroom to wash my hands and there I saw it, the perfect set up for what I was trying to convey in today’s prompt. So you tell me, too cliche or great idea?