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Daily Shoot: Day 4

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Today’s daily shoot prompt was “Make a photograph of something that is soft, or at least looks that way. Convince the viewer of the softness.” I was very perplexed by this particular challenge because it seemed difficult for me to grasp the essence of soft. How would you capture soft in a single image and illustrate to the viewer that your particular image is soft? This is the exact question that I asked to myself before I tried to tackle this assignment. After a few minutes of thinking I arrived at the conclusion to capture the image of items that I found soft and arrange them in an ascetically pleasing manner. Through my hunt to capture the right image I ended up with two examples of soft. My first one is the image of an extreme close up of a neck pillow that I use when I’m traveling or just relaxing. I think its really cool because it is filled with this gel that can be heated or cooled at your will. I also really like the color. The next one it the last picture that I took and it depicts how I perceive soft with my senses. I thought of when I feel warm and soft and which items made me feel that way. I chose my fleece blanket, a microfiber pillow, and the only cuddly friend I brought with me to college, “Oinks” (of course each item would be true to the blogs color PINK!) As an added bit of info, Oinks is cool because he has a video screen in his belly that shows different picture on it. I chose to upload picture of me and friends during my SENIOR YEAR 2009 as a memento of  high school. You tell me; which do you feel captures the essence of soft best?