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Assignment #6: The Daily Shoot

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Hello Everyone

My DS 106 class was challenged by our professor to take part in an experiment site called The Daily Shoot for a week. This site allows any and everyone to be a photographer for a day or everyday if you so choose. Each day the site gives you and a prompt and then you can go out and take a picture on that prompt. Today’s  Daily Shoot Prompt was: Showcase the beauty of living foliage! Make a photo of a single leaf or an entire “greenscape” today. So I felt obligated to go out and find some greenery that spoke to my more creative side. I decide that I would take a picture of this particular landscaping that is displayed in the courtyard of my apartment complex. I chose this particular arrangement because I felt inspired by it to do a good job and it always makes me feel so relaxed every time I pass by it. Here it is you tell me what you think.