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My Obsession: The Wire

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

For those of you who have never heard of The Wire, shame on you. Considered by many critics (and me, if it matters) to be the best TV show ever, I’ve never seen a show that payed as much attention to detail and was so completely written. It centers on the lives of different groups of people living in Baltimore, but mostly centers on the drug trade within the city. With that said, it certainly isn’t your regular run of the mill cop show; many of the characters have nothing to do with either side, they just get caught up in everything.

Whenever I watch The Wire or show it to someone new, I always get hooked again. I think I’ve watched the show in its entirety 4 times. All five seasons are fantastic, and my friend Ted and I can quote it back and forth at each other for hours. And the quotes are the best from any TV show… ever. While I might not be OBSESSED with it (I never really get obsessed with things other than sports or FIFA), it definitely has taken up enough of my life for me to feel comfortable doing an homage to it. Here are some examples of fan fiction I’ve found:

D'Angelo teaching Bodie and Wallace chess

Bunk and McNulty drinking

and also a fan story:

The king stay the king.

Fan Fiction Obsession: Batman! (Part 1)

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

I am so surprised that no one in the class has yet claimed Batman as an obsession.  I don’t care what anyone else says. When someone lists their obsessions, how can Batman not be on that list? He is just such an iconic figure of every boy’s and girl’s childhood, and now , every man’s and woman’s with the recent productions by Christopher Nolan (Batman Begins and The Dark Knight). I know when I was a child, I always had those Batman action figures and toys that I would play with for hours, and for Halloween I always had a full Batman costume and a spare (just in case). Now as an adult, my current summer job is working at a Regal Cinema in Charlottesville, and the reason being because I wanted to pre-screen The Dark Knight and watch it over and over again with no cost.

So I can say that I am very excited to see what I can come up with for fan fiction for Batman. As far as some ideas, I’ve found some really cool pieces people have done to expand the Batman franchise:

I thought this was really funny, and there is a bunch of these kind of pieces of fan fiction over the internet. I particularly liked this one because it just because of all of the small details that added, for example all of the actors names and the distorted batman icon.

I think that this picture really encompasses a over-arching theme in most fan-fiction, which is trying to bring the fiction to reality. Much like the book covers and advertisement posters Jim showed us in class, I find this picture to be particularly awesome because it bring the symbolic and iconic Batman into a real life predicament; getting pulled over by a police officer.

Anyways, I know this post is a bit late but I can’t wait to get started on this fan fiction and hopefully come up with some really cool stuff. Stay tuned!

Ridiculous Obsession

Friday, November 19th, 2010

I’m not super obsessed with much of anything, but I would say one thing I do thoroughly enjoy is anything ridiculous. Anything from a half-eaten grilled cheese sandwich in the Poptart bin to, my most recent discovery, the cast and crew of the Today Show remaking some of the most viral videos. Also, viral videos in general fascinate me. Some of them are amazing, and some of them are not; no matter how amazing or complicated, they are still ridiculous. The idea of random people, you and me, making a video posting it to YouTube, then having millions of people view it is crazy! Or at lease it would have been before the age of YouTube.

This week on the Today Show (which my roommates and I watch in the mornings) they were remaking their favorite viral videos. Here are the 2 that I saw in the middle of running around and getting ready.

This first one is a guy named Mike Tompkins. He remakes songs using only his voice and mouth. It’s pretty crazy and you should just watch it.

Next is the version that the anchors on the Today Show made.

This morning was my favorite one. They remade a video that students at the University of Quebec Montreal made. Here is the original

Here is the one the Today Show anchors, crew members, and producers made

These last 2 videos were filmed in one continuous shot and the group from Canada had 2 rehearsals and 2 takes. I’m not sure how many takes or rehearsals the Today Show had.

Anyway, where I’m going with this is, explaining that I don’t have much of an obsession with any certain thing, but rather an obsession with ridiculous things. The whole Twilight thing is ridiculous. I’ll admit, I went to see New Moon at the midnight premiere, but I do not agree with the parents who took their 11 year olds to the midnight premiere. I’m not really sure what Stephanie Meyer was thinking when she wrote this book for preteens. The fact that the main character *disclaimer* has a baby with a vampire when she is right out of high school is ridiculous to me. The movies and story line isn’t even that great, it’s ridiculous. Which is one of my criteria for watching a movie, it has to be ridiculous. I was recently discussing this with ___ (I don’t even remember now), and I decided that I like all the movies that make no sense at all, movies that have story lines that don’t even fit in what ever world they take place in. For example, I thought of the movie Deep Blue Sea. Completely ridiculous. Genetically altered “smart-sharks” who end up turning on the people there to guard them. I don’t necessarily love this movie, but I enjoy how ridiculous it is.

Mostly, what I’m trying to get to in this post is what anyone who knows me well enough has figured out. I obsess over ridiculous things. I find something that I think is ridiculous, obsess over it, rant about it, then get over it. I don’t really know that this fits in with what we’re going to have to do in terms of fanfiction, but it’s what I’m obsessed with. I don’t have a TV show, movie, or music that I watch all the time and know everything about, I don’t even know everything about what is ridiculous.

On the Rock

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Call me crazy.

(you probably will).

I mean, what is this? the 90′s?

(I wish it was).

But my obsession is with ice skating (not Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader, that’s a rumor Claire started over at Never got into for myself, can only barely get myself by on a couple of skates. Maybe that’s why it’s so fascinating to me– it’s just not something I can do. So I am so enthralled by those who pull it off.

(by pull it off, I mean win the olympics).

I brought up the 90′s. And for a reason (not just to make fun of myself for my love of skating). I think that was the golden decade of skating– it simply won’t happen the same way again. I mean, it’s still thrilling to watch the winter olympics and I can get myself tied up for an entire afternoon watching youtube videos to bring myself up to speed on new competitors before the winter sport season. That’s one thing that is so cool about following skating– there is a huge online database of videos old and new. No one puts whole baseball games online (wish they would!). The availability of videos online is actually the reason I am able to revisit the 90′s and convince myself that skating will never be *that* good again. It wasn’t about tricks, it was about artistry and control– plus the music was better. Cheesier, sure, but much better for skating routines than the anti-climactic movie scores used today, if you ask me.

But you weren’t asking me. Or were you?

So anyway. Skating. That’s my obsession. My favorite is pairs skating. I still don’t understand ice dancing, really. Girls have better music, but guys have better jumps. That’s the breakdown.

If you were to ask who my favorite skaters are (I know you didn’t), I’d have to say Ekaterina Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov. That’s partly because of the whole dying young/tragic romance factor they have going on, but who can really say? Matter of a fact, I made my own video of the two of them back in February (the olympics had me re-hooked). Back in November 1995, after they’d skated together for 11 years, been married for 4, had a 3 year old daughter and had never placed lower than second in any competition they skated, Sergei died of a massive heart attack while they practiced a routine on the ice in Lake Placid. Katia skated a tribute to him three months later.

I took clips of their performances over the years and mashed it together with that tribute performance, set to the music of the program they were practicing (but never got to perform) when he died, Grieg.

Claire likes to laugh when Katia does the camel spin for seemingly forever (at 0:53), as if to suggest quite cheesily that they will go on and on, per Celine Dion’s blockbuster hit. She then made some sort of smart comment like “they’ll be dizzy forever, too.”  😉

I also created an epilogue video about Katia’s solo career and new family with 1998 Men’s Skating Olympic Champion, Ilia Kulik.

For the record, Claire laughed at this video per the music before she ever even saw it. Blog world, show a sister some support!

My Obsessions

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

I really don’t like to obsess over things but there are a few things that I guess would be considered obsessive. As everyone can guess, I am very interested in video games, but other than that and guitar there really  not any more interests that I have. Heres the few Obsessive things that I obsess over :

  • The Office: One of the greatest shows I have ever watched. Dwight Scrucht and Jim Halpert are among my favorite characters in the show and are also the main cause for most of the humor in the show.
  • South Park : This animated show is one of my daily watches and also my favorite among all animated comedies. South Park also makes fun of things that no one usually does, but that is what makes it so awesome.
  • Kingdom Hearts : This game is probably my most favorite of all games I have ever played. I played this game when I was in 6th grade, but the appeal of it is still with me to this day. I have waited years for the third title (which probably will not come out until 2012-2014) hoping for it to come. My main reason for a PS3 was for this game (though now it seems it wont come out for PS3 so thats bad). Kingdom Hearts is definitely number one of my list of favorite personal games. Its also a mash up of its own as it has Disney characters like Mickey and some Final Fantasy characters such as Sephiroth (which won’t make since unless you play the game itself.

A Gleeful Obsession

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

It’s been over a year since the Glee phenomenon began, and I’m still a loyal fan to the show. Glee is a TV-series that’s part comedy, part musical -but for the most part, the songs that they sing are in a music room/choir room setting and not just them choreographing about their feelings in the cafeteria like High School Musical. They do covers of songs that I love- from songs that I grew up with, to the latest jam on the radio. But even more than I love the music on this show, I love the script even more. The story lines deal with real high school issues and puts a comedic spin on it. These stories are ones that people can actually relate to, unlike other shows that try to sugar-coat the issue and resolve it at the end of each episode. There will always be bullies, you can’t always be popular, you will have crappy teachers, and they might ban your tater tots.

Here’s the trailer for the Season 1 DVD set that came out in September.

And how about that talented cast, huh? These are some of my favorites.

1) Lea Michele as “Rachel Berry”

I love Lea Michele’s voice more than anything. She began as a broadway performer from the age of 7 on Les Miserables. Her character is a huge overachiever and not very well-liked. But she still has moments on the show.

2) Heather Morris as “Brittany S. Pears”

I can’t believe this girl didn’t make it that far on So You Think You Can Dance and yet got a job as a back-up dancer for Beyonce on her world tour. But she turned down Beyonce’s offer for a second tour to pursue her love of acting and got cast by Ryan Murphy as the dumb cheerleader!

Brittany’s best moments

3) Kevin McHale as “Artie Abrams”

I was so surprised when I found out that Kevin used to be in a boy band called NLT, but plays a kid in a wheelchair. It’s a shame that he’s confined to the wheelchair because he’s one of the best dancers of the cast. (well, maybe not as good as “Brittany” or “Mike Chang”).

Resurrecting the Doctor

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

I’m a big fan of the show Doctor Who–not the old corny show from the 60′s, 70′s and 80′s (see above image), but the new and improved version that was resurrected in 2005.

This quote should sound slightly familiar to ye devoted ds106-ers because I said it in my very first post! And then in the post after that, I mentioned the Doctor again…then, I forgot about him for a while.

However, this current assignment to blog about things of which we’re fans is more than enough of an excuse to resurrect my Doctor Who obsession. I get obsessed with television shows pretty easily. This past Summer I was obsessed with the Bravo show called Work of Art: America’s Next Greatest Artist. I loved watching their process of creating art and the drama wasn’t too bad either. However, it would be impossible to write or find fan fiction written about a reality show. It’s why Sadie isn’t going to blog about the show, Are You Smarter than a 5th grader? because she so would ;)

Why am I obsessed with Doctor Who? Well, I almost wrote a paper on it for my Media in Britain class whilst I was in Bath, England. I spent most of my Saturday watching episodes of the latest season (series is what that call them in the U.K.), so series 5 with the new Doctor. The show is funny and touching and more than anything, it doesn’t always just generate a visceral reaction like many American shows–instead, it makes you think and ponder moral dilemmas on behalf of the characters.

Here’s one of my favorite episodes:

Also, the best mash-up ever, of Doctor Who, that is…(and Twilight):


Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Okay, so, I’ve been thinking about things I am obsessed with, and I automatically go to movies.  All of my friends love/hate me for knowing so many movie references because I quote things all the time, depending on the situation of course.  At first I was going to go with Harry Potter, but then I went to Pirates of the Caribbean.   Then I looked at the one movie in my life that I have actually bought memorabilia from:  Lord of the Rings.  I have the extended version of all three movies, have read the books, and, as you can see from the picture, bought the One Ring.  Yes, I know, I’m THAT person.  It’s sad because I continue to watch the special features on the DVD on rainy days, and will probably never get bored with them.  You can even catch me still wearing it once in a while.  Who knows, maybe I’ll wear it tonight.  And yes, I even know how to write my name in elvish.
By the way, I think it’s Claire that said something about the Harry Potter movies on twitter, but I agree with her and the fact that the movies do not do the books justice. Which is why I love Lord of the Rings so much better, because Peter Jackson, in my opinion, is amazing. He did a great job with the LOTR movies. I heard he is also doing the Hobbit as well, but I’m not sure on that one. But I’m simply saying that they should have given PJ the directing job for Harry Potter, he would have actually used things from the book, instead of making stuff up. Professor Groom and I, during the meetings, were talking about how I would sit through a six hour movie, just to see Harry Potter done exactly like the book.

But here is a fun video from LOTR clips, and it even gives us a mash up:

Love-Hate Obsession

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Did you really think we were going to be able to write about obsessions without someone posting this?!

OK. Now that we’ve done that, let’s get on to the real post!

The nature of this post sort of forces you to be brutally honest with yourself, on the most loser-ish level! This requires a great deal of modesty and willingness to look like a moron. I’m not necessarily saying I’m this wonderfully honest, modest individual, but I can be a bit of a moron.

SO! First, let’s get to differentiating between what defines an “obsession,” and everything else. For example, I LOVE sharks (no kidding, right!?) However, I wouldn’t say that I’m obsessed. I am fascinated, enthralled, and terrified of those mysterious beasts, and I’ll always remain strangely attracted and interested in them…but I definitely think about WAY more than sharks.

SO. On to my actual obsession. When I’m really, truly, terribly honest with myself, I realize that my obsession is sadly, a bit cliche. However, don’t despair! I’m not all that pedestrian. There is yet one factor that distinguishes me from the rest!

I love Harry Potter.

Let me re-phrase that: I love Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling.

I do NOT love Harry Potter by WB.

This distinction is key to my oh-so-healthy obsession. I have a BIGthing with books being made into movies. (I could totally write an entire blog just based around this theme with The Lord of the Rings, but I’ll spare you! Which, on a side note, I think was executed swimmingly!)

Here’s the deal. Harry Potter is just one of those things that I grew up with, having read the first one at the age of 9, continuing all the way to the last in the series at the age of 17. It became such an integral part of my childhood and adolescence that it’s now difficult to remove myself from the novels. I’m not saying that the books in some way defined my youth…or maybe that’s exactly what I’m saying! 

So when they started to make the movies in 2001, you’d think I’d be a pretty thrilled 11-year old! (Coincidence that I was the same age as Harry here…maybe, but I don’t think so!) Instead, I rejected the idea. Offended and insulted that a production company was going to try and interpret and re-create the world that I had found so, well, magical, I completely rejected the films. I held my own non-violent resistence against the movies, refusing to buy them. Of course, I’ve still managed to watch every film, and mine is not a silent rebellion. My younger brother, the only other member of my family who has managed to read the series in full, is the only person on the planet who can bear my endless stream of vehement video commentary. (I’m pretty sure this is only do to the international law which states that brothers must enjoy seeing their sisters suffer from all forms of extreme annoyance.)

So as an enthusiast of the book series, let me give you a glimpse of how far my obsession goes. Now, I wouldn’t classify myself as say, a fan. (This is due mostly to the fact that I don’t own any HP paraphenalia including but not limited to: a wand, a cloak, Hogwarts House team colors, etc.) Not that there’s anything wrong with that! :]

Here’s the kind of obsession I have. In the 4th grade, we used to “play” Harry Potter during recess. I was nine, don’t judge! (And if you were wondering, I played Harry- I was the only one with glasses!)

I never went to any of those “Midnight Premier Parties” Barnes and Noble and Borders used to host for book releases, but I alwayspre-ordered my copies. And yes, every time I want to read one of the books in the series, I can’t just start in the middle. I have to start from the very beginning and read all the previous books. (I still do this, and no, I have NO idea how many times I’ve re-read them!)

Remember the show LOST? (Also an enthusiast, but not obsessed!) Remember how people used to write their theories about what would happen next, who would die, what it all meant?! Well, the same happened with Harry Potter, and I was all about theorizing! My favorite Harry Potter websitewas like Facebook for me, WAY back in 2003. It’s since gone downhill as it has nothing to discuss but the movies and theme park, but back in it’s prime, it was THE source for bloggers and avid readers to share their ideas. I didn’t write any myself, but I seriously spent hours poring over theory after theory. I even went out and bought one theorist’s specific books, which I can still read with real interest!

Now, when I say I love the books, but I don’t love the movies, don’t think there isn’t a bit of a grey area. I have a real love-hate obsession with the films. That’s why I can watch a brilliant video like Pogo’s Alohomora without going into a ranting rage!

Still, with the exception of JohnWilliams’ theme and a select few cast members (none of the main three), there’s very little positive critique I can offer. Basically, I wait for the day, maybe in 30 or 40 years, when they finally re-make the films. (This time they’ll actually make them after the books are written!) And you know, the producers will come running straight to me for my expertise and guidance. After all, I was the one with the wisdom to foresee the day they would remake them!

Anyway, like most people around the world, I will be viewing the FIRST of two parts of the final installment in the Harry Potter film series. This Friday I will be going out with the Koreans and their respective roommates to partake in the ‘ol dinner and a movie. Of course, the dinner will be coming after in the form of IHOP. (How could I forgive myself if I neglected to give the Koreans the full American student experience, especially visiting IHOP way after respectable eating hours have elapsed?!)

Yes, I asked my younger brother for permission to see the movie without him. (I promised to watch it with him over break. I guess I’m just that selfless!) And yes, there will be a blog entry that will attempt to encapsulate the Korean-Harry Potter experience.

So please, stay tuned for what is bound to be a magical experience!



Thursday, November 18th, 2010

It’s hard for me to pick one thing I am obsessed about. I like many things, but not sure if I am really obsessed about them. I really like soccer, the Simpsons, playing Halo and Fifa on my xbox 360. Of course I like sneakers and wished I had alot more cash laying aroud to buy some more pairs, but obessessed I don’t know. I guess it might have to be music I guess I always got my i-pod on me and while walking on campus I got my ear buds in. Music, Hip-Hop/Rap Reggae and Latin music like Bachata, Salsa and some reggaton (older reggaton songs preferably). I’m always looking for new songs and downloading artist mixtapes on there drops. I got what is on the radio, but the radio straight sucks sometimes, there is alot of artist that don’t get play on the radio that lyrically are amazing. I have a dj mix program on my desktop at back home, I don’t think I’m very good at it but I like just playing around with it. Music just has much meaning, and there is a song for every emotion your feeling. Going to concerts and listening to live music is also amazing, I was at the spirit festival this summer and there was so much people just jamming to the music amazing, and recently I was at the National in Richmond watching Rebelution, and in Oct. I saw Lupe in DC, so I do spend on concerts which I think its worth it. Music I guess is what I am obsessed with, not playing music but just listing and of course going to concerts………………If I had to pick a Genre of music though it would have to be Hip-Hip/Rap cause some of the rhymes some artist put out are straight poems, or just tell amazing stories, but don’t get me wrong I do like the party joints like No Hands by Waka Ft. Wale and Roscoe Dash 

Plus I do got a boom box on my page so here is some music:

The War by. Wale ft. Daniel Merriweather (This song has some Seinfeld samples)..Lyrics

Letter to My Unborn Child by. Tupac…Lyrics

Cuando Volveras by. Aventura  (This is a Bachata song, picked this one becuase its both in english and spanish.)… Lyrics

Love Psalm by. Tribal Seeds (This some reggae)… Lyrics

Do these come out your pandora???? huh