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These Thoughts Are Just Vapor Anyways…

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

Whoa, Claire. You sound like Nietzsche (the link is worth clicking on, I promise). What’s up with the nihilism? Well, if you pay any attention to the widget sidebar thing I have set up on the right of my page, this title has been here all along. It’s the header for my Twitter feed. So here’s my thought process: Twitter>thoughts>vapor>post. Not always in that order.

Lately two things related to Twitter have become blog-worthy thanks to a certain professor who encouraged me to blog about it [insert shout-out to @jimgroom].

1. Twitter spam. Ladies and gentleman, I have a confession. I am a Twitter spammer. Not in the traditional sense of advertising viagra or free downloads or wide baby gates (no joke), but in the desperate, pathetic sense. I am in a class this semester where we create our own literary magazines. My group is creating one in which we are petitioning for any and all things inspired by travel. The title of our journal is Time Zones Lit Review. That said, I thought I could petition a wider audience by using/exploiting the Twitter trending feature.

Here are examples of these tweets:

It actually really just got to the point where I was doing it because it was funny and not out of a desire for it to be effective. One of my motivations for creating this post is that you’ll see ‘Time Zones Lit” so many times that you’ll submit travel-inspire prose, poetry, video, audio, photography or other visual media to But that’s neither here nor there.

2. I got tweeted at by a celebrity! Alright, she’s not really a celebrity but she knows celebrities! Here’s the background for this lil’ tidbit. My friend posted a link to an open letter to Anne Rice on Facebook. I clicked on that link,  read the letter and was incredibly moved and encouraged by it. I then saw that the author of this article is on Twitter.

I tweeted: @karenzach just read your open letter to Anne Rice. Thank you for those words. I was beyond moved and I hope AR feels the same.

She tweeted: @puffinnuffin11 Thank you so much for reading. Glad it spoke to you.

What the what?! I really just tweeted at her to express my appreciation for her humble words. Then, she thanked me for that! I know!


It was so cool. What I think is the coolest part of the whole thing is how we can actually “follow” celebrities on Twitter, mention them, tweet at them and it’s such an open forum that they can respond to their fandom.

Well, that’s all for now! Until next time, timezoneslittimezoneslittimezoneslit.

Over and out.