Our first adventure around Ireland – Killarney

Leigh and I decided to take a day trip to Killarney, it was about an hour and a half ride.  We got there around noon and found the tourist office.  There are two castles in Killarney, one that was over 3 miles away and one that was about a mile away.  So we decided to just walk to the one that was closer.  It was a bit of a change of pace form Cork City, which has people milling around at all times and it never really gets quiet.  On our walk to the castle, Ross Castle to be specific, we were the only people on the road for the entire 10 minute walk and it was completely quiet.  This castle was on a lake so as we were getting closer to it the wind started to pick up and then there was a hail storm…literally out of nowhere.  Nice little white pieces of hail.  I learned that my blue coat does not have a hood, in spite of the face that I was almost 100 percent sure that it did.  Anyways so we freaked out for a little bit, then just accepted it, it lasted for maybe 5 minutes or so. Then it was over.  My hair was down when this happened so needless to say i looked really good afterwards.  Then we got to the castle and it was right on the water and it was very windy.  We wandered up and around the castle and took some pictures. (The wind was a lot less severe up there)

And this is the actual castle:

There were some trails around the castle but we agreed that they pretty much just looked like  woods so we headed back to the city.  We found a bar/restaurant in town that had yummy yummy sandwiches, we were starving at this point, and then we went to the bus station and caught the 3:30 bus back to cork.  I think it was a successful first adventure to another town in Ireland. We also got to see the suburbs of Ireland, which I had never really seen before.  Here is a little shot of them:

So that about sums up our trip to Killarney.  We just finalized a lot of travel plans with out two closest friends here, we are probably going to Galway next weekend and Edinburgh the weekend after that.  After mapping out our entire 5 months here, it is surprising how many of our weekends are already accounted for.  We pretty much have all of our weekends planned out until May which is really weird and makes it seem like it is going to go by so fast! But in a good way.


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