Settlin’ in

We had orientation and a chance to try out some classes this week.  The way they set up classes here is a little different than at home.  19,000 students go to Cork, compared to the 4,000 that go to Mary Wash, yet Cork only offers one section of each class.  Very odd.  So if it conflicts with another class, oh well tough luck.  We finally have our schedules worked out, it was a little hard because we decided to automatically rule out any classes that were held on Monday’s or Friday’s.

I’m taking 5 classes, all held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Another thing that can be quite confusing is that classes that are on 2 separate days, such as Tuesday and Thursday, are also at different times on those days, for example on Tuesday it could be at 1 and on Thursday it could be at 9,  and sometimes in different rooms.  Anyways we finally got it all figured out and my classes are: Irish Folklore, Irish History, Irish Government and Politics, Geography of Ireland before 1960, and Introduction to International Food Policy.  The last one is obviously just a fill in, I was simply looking for a 100 level class that fit into my schedule and sounded easy, so International Food Policy it is.  Not to mention I do love food, so maybe I’ll actually enjoy it.  I’m a little sad no math or computer science classes could fit into my schedule, but my nerdy side will just have to survive a semester without them.

We went out pubbing last night.  It was a big night because something called “little Christmas” was being celebrated.  It’s the last official day of the Christmas holiday here in Ireland and all the women go out to relax and hang out because they have been cooking and cleaning and working really hard for all of the Christmas holiday.  So it’s a day designated for the women to wind down and relax a bit.  We didn’t go any pubs that had a lot of women there, we went to the ones that are mainly populated by students, but those were really crowded also.  I wore black ankle length heels out for the first time, I’d say they are 2 to 3 inches high (so really high for me) and my feet were hurting as soon as we walked out the door.  But luckily we got a taxi to the first pub we went to, it’s called Bailey’s, we stayed there for an hour or so, I was standing still most of the time so I didn’t notice the heels too much.  Bu then we decided to go to another pub, which was a good 5 minute walk and I knew I couldn’t make it the heels.  Of course I had brought my sperrys because it was highly unlikely I would be able to make it through an entire night in heels considering I haven’t worn them since prom.  So I put on my sperrys and the excruciating pains in my feet subsided a bit.  I’m being a bit dramatic, but it was painful.  I was told that after I wear them out for two complete nights I should be used to them at least a little bit, so I am going to persevere and keep on trying to walk in those heels.

We are pretty much done with all of our initial shopping, we just have some little things we would like to get, like an ice tray and a dish towel.  We want to travel somewhere this weekend, probably somewhere else in Ireland via the train. We haven’t decided yet.

One more thing, last night at the pub I was asking this guy about soccer and if he knew of any teams I could join and he was “oh yeah there’s actually an American league here!” And he went on to say that is called the Patriot league (I think) and how it’s competitive and a great league and blah blah blah. And then he says “Oh but it’s only for men.” WHAT?! Way to get my hopes up and then just shoot ‘em down.  And he went on to say that I should just play handball, or frisbee.  Big help he was.


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