First day exploring Cork!

We went into the city today, which is not even a 5 minute walk from our apartment, and got a lot of things we really needed. We started with phones, we got a plan that costs 20 euro a month and has unlimited texting and 15 cents a minute for calling.  We had looked for a grocery store yesterday but couldn’t find one so we asked at the phone store and found out that Dunnes Stores, which looks like your average clothing store form the outside, is actually an awesome has everything that you need store.  So we were very relived and got some gorceries, bedding, towels and other odds and ends that we needed.  The walk back was a little rough considering we each had 5 bags but we managed.

We know a girl from Mary Wash that is here and she lives in a place called the Spires which is very close to UCC so we found the Spires and met Kelly, the girl from Mary Wash, and her roommate Sarah.  We all went to UCC together and looked around the campus and then we took them to the city and showed them around a bit.  We got dinner and then went to a pub that is right across the street from our apartment.  Kelly and I got a Guinness, and I liked it a lot more than I was expecting to, and Leigh and Sarah drank a cider beer called Bulmers.  The pub was completely dead considering it was 7 o’clock on a Monday, so we just hung out and talked, and we are planning on going out to the real pubbing scene tomorrow night!

Orientation tomorrow, where we will pick our classes and I will hopefully create a schedule that consists of me going to class twice a week and never having to think about it on my 5 day weekends.  We will see how that plan works out for me.

This is city centre (Cork city) at night. It is all lit up and beautiful and there are always a good amount of people walking around, I love it already.

This is the quad of UCC. Nice and green! We walked around a little today and ran into 2 other groups of American students doing the same thing. Those Americans, so typical.


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