Just some Random Occurrence

So the other day my mom and I bought a bunch of Tea Cups from an Antique Store to make Christmas presents out of. Since we had bought so many (They were inexpensive!) we were able to pick out which ones we wanted to keep. I personally liked this one a lot, so I kept it.

The Teacup

Now as these stories go, it doesn’t end there. Just yesterday I was going through my Mom’s jewelry when I cam across a black box. It turns out that this black box contains all of my Grandma’s jewelry, which was given to my mom for safekeeping after she passed away. Imagine my shock when I came across this!

The Front:

Front of Brooch

The Back:

Back of Brooch

Needless to say I immediately ran to get the teacup to confirm that they are in fact the same picture. I don’t know much about art, but I did notice some differences. Mostly the color scheme and the fact that the teacup appears to be some kind of water color painting.

Teacup and Brooch

Why am I posting about this? Well besides the fact that this is just really a strange occurrence… I mean I just happened to be obsessed with THAT tea cup and then happen to stumble across THAT brooch a couple days later??? It amuses me…. So I want to know if anyone else recognizes the painting and if they can provide more information. Unfortunately the teacup doesn’t have any sort of markings, all that I found was on the back of the brooch. And well, that really isn’t that much to go on. But I really want to figure out if this was a popular painting used on porcelain, probably from the early to mid 20th century, and who painted it in the first place.


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