Back Home to do… Laundry

Before I begin this post I want to say one thing, to make it very clear from the outset. I hate doing laundry. It is the most tedious and aggravating job I have ever done. Possibly what I hate most about it is that it never ends. One you think you have everything washed and put away; the process of organizing, washing, folding and putting away begins again. So when I return home for Winter Break and my Dad tells me to do the laundry it is as if I have been sentenced to Purgatory. However, I really have no choice in the matter and have to spend the day doing the laundry for my entire family. So here is a post about what a typical day doing laundry is like.

9 AM: Now we don’t have a small family, there are 5 of us. As it happens, my 2 brother go through a ridiculous amount of clothing. (No wonder my mother is sick of doing their laundry) There have been repeated attempts to get them to do their own laundry in the past, but to no avail. This is actually another reason why I can’t stand doing my families laundry, BECAUSE I ALREADY DO MY OWN LAUNDRY! So really, I find it unfair that I have to do their laundry too. But yes. Middle-sized family actually amounts to lots of clothes.

9:30 AM: I do attempt to organize the clothes ahead of time, (Dark, Colors, and Light) to make it easier on myself. However I still feel swamped by the sheer amount of clothing that can be fit into that tiny room. Also my dog doesn’t make organizing any easier because she seems to be on a mission to undo everything that I have done. Why? Because of her blasted Tennis Ball. I am sure it appeared in many photos.

11:45 AM: I am 3 loads in and still have yet to see anything of my own laundry. Because of this I am doing everything I can to speed up the process. I just put a load of sweaters in; technically I should change the setting to Heavy. However that takes 58 minutes to wash. So instead I change it to Normal. Now we are at a reasonable 48 minutes.

12:00 PM: So many socks! Now when I am folding things, I admit I do have some problem differentiating clothes between my brothers and father. However, I usually take style into consideration and that does most of the sorting for me. Except for the one area where it really doesn’t apply… that would be socks. More often than not, I am left confused wondering which pair belongs to whom. Because they are all the same style, and size. Most of the time I just guess. Nobody has complained so far.

1:00 PM: Also, my dog seems to think that running in circles around me and messing up the laundry will make me play with her. She doesn’t realize I just get angry, because I have to refold all of those clothes.

2:00 PM: There comes that point while doing laundry that you realize that you are over halfway done! This is happening to me now. However, I also just realized that I spent the last 4 ½ hours doing laundry, so I am not as happy as I could be.

2:15 PM: Next load isn’t done for another 30 Minutes… that means nap time….

2:45 PM: After I fold this load I declare myself done. I can get to the other 2 loads another day…. I am exhausted.

I don’t really know what the point is, to be ranting about laundry. But I am sure that there are other fellow laundry haters like me out there too. So you can relate. It is obviously a necessity, but sometimes I feel like it can be made a bit easier on people. Really the only reason why I agree to do laundry when I come home for the holidays is because I know that it is normally my Mom doing all the laundry. I am sure she gets sick of it to, so to make it easier on her I consent to do laundry. And if anyone actually enjoys doing laundry, kudos to them! Care to do mine?


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