If I had to choose which assignment I liked the best I would have to say the Halloween Story. Making that movie was a blast and I think we came out with a great product. I liked to hear how it made people laugh and still serves its educational purpose. The assignment I did not like as much was the reading in the beginning, because I feel like we jumped into the deep stuff without learning much. I liked doing the film in six frames because it challenged me to put a crazy story like Zoolander into 6 frames. I also really liked doing the mash up, because mine turned out so much different than everyone else’s. When you asked us to do a mash up I immediately thought music and decided that’s what I was going to do but as I saw people posting mostly videos from one movie and speech from another I was skeptical, but I stuck with it and I like the tune that I ended up with.

These fifteen weeks have been great, I feel like I haven’t done my part though. I started off well with my digital story making posts on Photoshopping, but after a few, I could not think of what to do a tutorial on. I only had limited knowledge about Photoshop and I think it showed in my lack of posts at the end. Also, my other courses decided to bombard me with work at the end of the semester for some reason which did not help my blog. I feel bad that I slacked off in the end because I got behind on the assignments and they kept coming, then I did less work on my Photoshopping. I feel like I did not do the class the justice it deserves, but being less formally structured than all the others somehow it got put on the back burner. At the end when I was about caught up on assignments, my computer decided to format itself and start anew…great. If I were to make suggestions on this class I would say that you should hold people to their digital stories more, and make them post at least once a week. I think if I knew that my grade would drop every post I did not do, I would make more of an effort to do them. I’m not saying that my grade won’t drop because I did not do some posts, but you did not express it as much. I would also suggest that the syllabus be longer and more detailed. I would also suggest a few less assignments or at least let them choose let’s say 8 or 10 out of the 12 you will assign. That way people will be able to take one off when they may have a lot of work in their other classes.


I feel like I did my part in this class, but only just getting by. I did not go beyond what I had to do with my blog. It may be because blogging isn’t my thing or because I ran out of ideas. Either way looking back I should have done more and put more time into my blog. I also regret that my computer formatted itself because it made me look like I was slacking more on my blog than I really was.  I feel like I did not show you how on point of a student I can be and I will be looking to sign up for some of the other classes you teach in the future.


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