DS106 was an interesting class for me. It was a class I took this year which, honestly, I didn’t think would have that much work. I thought it would be easy, kind of boring, and I would get an A. But after the first week I recognized it was awesome, it wasn’t boring, and I could (and possibly did) actually end up with a bad grade because of my lack of posting and commenting. While I regret being lazy (well, not ENTIRELY due to laziness, but just not having more time because of other classes), I don’t regret taking the class. I enjoyed my project (especially my final blog post) and enjoyed most of the assignments I was required to do. It was probably the best class I have taken since my high school film studies class in which we made a feature length movie (and I got to incorporate some of the skills I learned in that class in this one). It was easily one of the most interesting, innovative, and informative classes I have taken at UMW.

As far as criticism of the class goes, I have a couple. While we were actually in class, I honestly felt like I took very little away from most of the discussions. This isn’t because I wasn’t interested in the topics; this class actually touched on subjects I am genuinely interested in many times and usually multiple times in a class. More of my problem was that most classes were a lecture, and that at certain times people would almost engage in discussion with you as class was going on. I had no real problem with this in class (I would just do something stupid like play Hanger on , but it did take away my interest and got me going on to things that really had nothing to do with class. I believe in such thing as a follow up question in class, but if it turns into a one on one discussion it’s a little bit excessive. I would also have liked to have had more group projects. The fun thing about working with the same group all the times we had to do something (which I think was four) is that we would all know our roles and what we would have to do. This really helped us during the making of our projects and these were the most fun times I had in class. They were also the times when I learned the most about what I could do with the materials at my disposal, which I think was the entire point of the class (or maybe a side point).

All in all, I really enjoyed the class. I enjoyed my classmates, the content, and the professor. Keep teaching it.

And the dumbest video yet:


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