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The show I chose to write about is HBO’s series True Blood. Not only because I find it really interesting, but also because it is the only show I consistently keep up with. The show is about the struggle between vampires and humans, and I know what pops into a lot of people’s minds immediately…Twilight. All i can say to that is NO, not at all. This show is a better version of twilight. Yes there is love going on between a human female and a vampire but there is also a lot more going on. They have Sookie Stackhouse and Bill Compton who are in love, Bill is a vampire and Sookie is a human, or so she thought. In the first season there are a lot of twists in turns including Sookie’s grandmother being murdered, and the murderer ended up being Sookie’s coworker’s husband, who isn’t actually Cajun like he pretends to be. Another huge thing that boggles the mind is that Sookie can read the minds of humans but not vampires. This makes you wonder the entire first season what she could be. I put the trailer here so you can get a taste of season 1.

Season 1 Trailer

In season 2, a church group starts to train a group called “soldiers of the Sun”, in which they are going to try to use to kill off vampires. The most powerful vampire alive allows them to capture him to see what they wish to do, knowing he can escape at anytime. After puting an end to the group he decides that there is no reason for him to go on living, 2,000 years was enough. He stays on the roof of a building past sunrise and burns. There is also another powerful being that is introduced, a maenad. There isn’t a very clear explanation of what that is but vampires cannot hurt her. I don’t want to give away too many details but they eventually get rid of her.

Season 2 Trailer

Another reason why I like this show is for its amazing cliff hangers at the end of every episode. It leaves you wondering for a week “what the hell?”. In season 3 the fight between the humans and vampires gets really heated when one of the oldest and strongest vampires kills a news anchor on national television. This starts a huge uprise from the humans thinking that if one vampire is that crazy, then they all are. We also gain more insight into what Sookie is and that she may even have the power to stop the strongest vampire. Werewolves are also introduced into the story in season 3, and they are even used to do vampires bidding as long as they are given V. Vampire blood, called V, is a drug in the show that helps you heal and makes you stronger for a certain amount of time, so the werewolves trade their services for V.

Season 3 Trailer

Season 4 airs this summer and I can’t wait.


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