To Be Continued…

Last Video project of the year I believe.  My title is to be continued because I really love this video/drawing thing, so I’m probably going to keep up with it. I wanted to do an homage to the class, and I highlighted a couple of our projects. I have the DS106 tag in the center, because, well, it’s the name given to the class! It’s one of those have to do kind of things. The side reveals my favorite assignment: The Daily Shoot Project. I drew a camera in order to show how much I enjoyed the photography homework. The biggest drawing is in the corner and pays tribute to the fan fiction tribute. I did Lord of the Rings in my fan fiction obsession, so I did another fan art, but this time of just Gollum and the One Ring. Now, a subtle tribute to the reading assignment, is a graffiti styled font of Web 2.0. Even though this was not as exciting as the others, it still jumped us into the class, and the concepts behind it. The pencil and eraser is for my overall project for the class. And last but not least, I loved the video commentary project, so there’s the title of one of my favorite movies, The Number 23.

Song By Girl Talk; Get It Get It


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