Sound Off 1, 2…

Has it really come to an end?  I can honestly say it has, unfortunately.  Oh and by the way, in Professor Groom’s assignment on the DS106 website, he mentioned that this was the last swan song.  The only thing I could think of for the next 10 minutes of after reading that, was that ridiculous TV series on Fox a few years ago.  That show got canceled, but luckily this swan song of a post will be thought of, to me at least, in positive terms. This was my favorite class this semester.  I really enjoyed having my own place that was mine.  I own this website, and I can put almost anything that I want on it.  There are some things here and there that I had trouble with over the course of this class, but not really anything I couldn’t do.  My only piece of advice for this next generation of internauts would be: ask. for. help.  But only if you truly have tried your best in order to solve the problem yourself first.

So, a reflection.  We started talking about this in class a little on Thursday, but Professor Groom asked us if we thought that the class was, overbearing.  I thought that all of the assignments were doable, but sometimes we us 106ers were lost in the dark in how to do an assignment.  But fortunately, Professor Groom was helpful if we could not figure it out on our own.  I know for me, I had to get a couple extensions when we had a cluster of assignments due.  But this was partly due to my other classes and with stuff I had to do for them.  Trust me, I would have much rather been working on the ds106 assignments than doing a research paper on squirrel populations on the UMW campus.  True story.  I already voted on my favorite assignments, which included: The Daily Shoot project, the fan fiction homage, the movie video commentary, the all soul’s day video, and to round them off, the mash up.  Personally, I also liked the Google video assignment as well.  I don’t remember who said it during class, but I agree with them in that the Google Maps was fun to do, but it was not easy to listen to other people talk through a 10 minute video.   I love photography, so the daily shoot was right up my ally.  I believe I did pretty well with that assignment overall.  My favorites were the Green Foliage and The Reflective Shades pictures I took.  The fan fiction was AMAZING.  We already had free reign in this class, but this assignment gave us permission to do something that we were obsessed with.  My homage was to Lord of the Rings, as you can see in two of my posts.  The movie commentary was a lot of fun because, again, it was something that we already loved.  The Halloween project was challenging because it was a group project, but it was still a blast.  If you were lucky, you could work with someone you didn’t really know before in the class.

Which brings me to another thing about the class: not knowing who people were.  The very first class we each told a short story and kind of introduced ourselves, but then we got lost on the internet and then I know I did not know who’s blog I was commenting on or viewing.  I personally think this is hilarious, the beauty of it is being able to hide behind the internet and the web through our websites.

There were a few different tools that gave me headaches and then there were others that I love and still use.  I really did not enjoy the audio projects, I don’t know if they just happened to be assigned at a hard part of the semester for me, or if my computer problems added on to it, or who knows maybe I’m just incompetent when it comes to it, but bottom line I was not thrilled.  I think audacity is great for a few uses, but after a while it seems to crash on me constantly, and that’s frustrating.  But, programs that I love are the youtube fastest converter, VLC Media Player, and Camtasia Studio.  Unfortunately, Camtasia will expire soon, but it was definitely fun using it over Windows Movie Maker (which a whole other can of worms).  I used the VLC Media Player for a large chunk of my DS106 project, and it was fairly simple to use in general.  I have used the Youtube converter a few times for the project as well as assignments that were given in class.

My DS106 project did not turn out how I expected it to when I first thought about what I was going to do for the class.  In fact, I like it even more.  I used my video camera built into my laptop to record myself drawing things that I felt like drawing, and then through a time consuming process, sped it up and posted it to my website.  My original concept was trying to draw animals, and you can see I tried to do that through the snake.  But then we dove into video projects and I just could not spend that much time on one thing with everything going on this semester ( in all of my classes).  I still like my snake drawing, but it just took too long, and then I discovered I could speed up video on VLC.  That’s all she wrote from there.  Besides, it became more of a digital story than my original idea.  A video tells a story in itself, but a drawing shows the process of the artwork, and that’s why I love it.

I think my downfall was trying to keep up with everything in the class and commenting and keeping up with my other classes.  But I’d like to think I kept up for the most part, nothing like some people in the class.  I had a blast this year, it was strange, but I actually enjoyed going to class.


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