Exam Week: Day 2

Ok, quick update on what I have completed. One 8 page paper, one 3 page paper, a 13 page transcript (with the help of my group partner =D), one 4 page paper, and my first exam. Needless to say I am excited to be done with all of this. All I have left are two exams on Thursday, which for some reason I am really excited about. (Kind of Masochistic, I know) Maybe it is the knowledge that after those exams I will be done. But anyway onto this weeks theming… procrastination and stress relief. Since I showed images yesterday I thought it would be appropriate to share video today.

The following videos are one I come to every finals week. I watched them last spring and last fall, and for some reason these videos never get old! Megan had already done a post on these, so I feel like it would be best to visit her page. However, if you are to lazy to here is an example of BBC’s Walk on the Wild Side:

The second video is kind of fitting because we are in the middle of Hanukkah. My friend sent me this video and honestly it cracks me up. It is really well done. However the only downside is that I am overcome by a sudden urge to spin Dreydels…

This final video is just another treasure of youtube I ran across. It definitely relates to Exam week, and it has a nice message. Plus it makes me wish I was in a class that would do this.

I hope I distracted you all enough! Time to pick up the books and start studying again!


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