Well I must say this is one of my favorites classes I have taken at UMW. No other class would I be blogging about Sneakers, and looking up sneaker art. It was fascinating to me how professor Groom is so enthusiastic about the subject matter we talked about, I feel like more professor need to be like that when they are teaching the material. From day one, from the first lecture he gave us I was hooked.

The assignment that were assigned challenged one creativity, and this is something I really like. We were able to create what we wanted, without much guidelines. Guidelines is much what we get in any other glass, but we had freedom here. The daily shoots was fun, even though mine didn’t look as interesting or well taken a some others. I still had good time thinking about how to do the prompt of the day. I also enjoyed the mash-up I thought looney tunes and scarface went well together, wish I had a bit more time so I could of smooth some things with that. I also had much work for my other classes so the time I wanted to put into that assignment I couldn’t. I think most of the assignments, we learned how to use a new program or how to use different techniques when developing our work for a particular assignment.

For my digital story, I was able to showcase sneaker art and try to show people that their is a whole community just dealing with sneakers. Sneakers arn’t just things on your feet with no meaning but are able to tarnsform into art, like I showcased. No other class I can think of would of let me express myself like this one did.

Overall the class was fun. I just would of like to have a set schedule of assignment so I could of known when things were due ahead of time. Yet the class I think was well done. Professor Groom carried the class in a fine manner because he was passionate about material and this gave a since that the assignment are one creations. Because they are ones creations and some were very well done I just wished in class we would of showcased more of peoples works. We could have discussed them in class and also made suggestions on different techniques on certain assignments. Yet I can’t complain much because it was one of my favorite class here at UMW by far.


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