Exam Week

Well it’s here. Christmas Break can’t come soon enough. Between all the cramming, typing, editing that goes along with the lack of sleep, a proper diet, and a social life I need to find some sort of outlet. And I am sure there are others who are just as desperate as me. Unfortunately this outlet can’t be very time consuming because I have to return to the cramming, typing and editing. SoI have decided to share a piece of the web everyday this week to help make your day a bit brighter. I don’t really know what this entails, other than it has to make me A. Smile, B. Feel better about myself and the world and C. Realize that the Apocalypse will not be brought about because of Finals. (ok! Bad apocalypse joke!) So here is day 1 of this 5 day enterprise, which think will be fine with a couple of images. :)

First Image. Illusion. Our brains are tired, so this probably works better than it normaally would work.

If you click the image it takes you to the actual page. But I spent 10 min staring at this trying to figure out how it worked, and then I realized I should be doing something more productive. I guess that is the problem with the internet. It is just there, waiting for people to find stuff like this. However, in case this makes your head hurt more and now you just want to hate me, I bring you my:

Second Image. A Comic.

It’s by a fellow named Morten Ingemann. Unfortunately (or awesomely?) he is Danish, and all the information I could find about him was in Danish. So I am really left with nothing else to share. I hope that was enough thinking and quietly laughing to yourself for today. Back to studying! Or cramming, typing, and editing….


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