Exam Week Continues…

So I know it is still Monday, but it feels like ages already since my last post. Now that I have completed the assignments for my first exam this week I find myself procrastinating, yet again. I have  Psych exam tomorrow and a paper to finish for it. Sigh. Well part of my distraction led me to Facebook (it appears to be inevitable) and I ran across a nifty application which records your status updates for the year. Me being curious, combined with my desire to procrastinate led me to create on for myself. And here it is.

I thought after all of our discussion about archiving our work this was interesting. I admit it, I am curious about what my year was like. However it would be nice to see what my other years on Facebook were like too, namely because I want to see how much having a blog has influenced the frequency of my status update. I feel like as long as there is a personal space for me to go more in depth about my thoughts I don’t really care about the quick blurbs I send out to people. Yet these quick blurbs still end up saying a lot about me and this past year. I think the status that really defines that really defines this year is actually the first one. This is the first year where I became more involved in digital media. So seeing, “blogs are fun :) ” really adds to that. Strange that in just this year alone my voice has grown from, “blogs are fun :) ” to me actually sitting and writing a post about it.

Unfortunately, as is the way with Facebook, this is clearly not all of my statuses from this year. I think they probably picked a random few from each month. To gain access to that I will need to figure out how to get Think up working. Though that is a problem for another day, when I am not consumed by finals.  I guess it is time to get back to work….


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