Recipe 13 – Chicken Pot Pie

Well kiddos, I must say the irony in this post just kills me. I go allll semester with a streak of amazing meals and posts that made my mouth water when just thinking about what I had eaten, but here I am to report a completely failed cooking adventure. I debated whether or not to post this here, but I think this semester has been as much about our failures as our successes, so I suppose I will.

I tried to make a chicken pot pie using a combination of what I vaguely remembered my dad telling me about cooking one and the knowledge I had gained this semester. What I got was a soupy mess that my boyfriend tried to fix when I was in class and even with his help, it wasn’t very good. I think I had a few problems:
1) Apparently I should have added flour to the milk before I added it to the mix, so that the filling would would thicken up.
2) I think I put too much filling in the pie and it made the dough soggy.
3) I should have tried to cook the vegetables/chicken broth/milk in a large skillet (which we didn’t have anyway) rather than a pot. But, there wasn’t much I could do about this anyway.

So you can understand what happened, I am going to leave a series of pictures and the advice to not try to make chicken pot pie with little to no help. =] As this is the only recipe this semester that came out as less than stellar, I feel this project could rightly receive a 13/14. =D


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