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As you can tell I picked out a new theme. It is a big difference from my old theme, but I kinda like it. It is actually more customizable beyond what I have done, but that can be saved for later. Right now I am actually getting ahead of myself (I am really excited about this theme you see), what I really want to tell you about is the Featured Content Gallery. Yeah it’s the nifty thing at the top of the page where I can feature certain posts. This is actually the reason why I chose this theme. Ok. From the beginning.

Since it is the end of DS106 (so sad!) and because I want to use this blog to continue blogging about my research, I needed something that would work better for me. So after hours of theme shopping, I found this theme. It is called eDegree and I chose it because it said it would work with the Featured Content Gallery plugin. Now when I uploaded it I followed these on screen instructions to get the content gallery to work. Well when I was done, it didn’t. So I found this video, to see if it would enlighten me further. Unfortunately the video didn’t enlighten me further, though it did provide clearer instructions for setting it up. I still had the problem where the box wouldn’t appear. So after a lot of googling I concluded it was some kind of jquery issue.

I am still fuzzy as to what that means, but luckily I found this feed which kind of explained what the problem was. And they gave “some” instructions on how to fix it. Here come the part where I felt like I had no idea what I was doing, but it somehow worked. So going off of this:

1) Using the WordPress’s theme editor or directly through FTP, uncomment the 2nd line on this file (edegree/js/functions.js) like this:


I went into the file manager in my c-panel. And here is the route I took to find the file I needed: /public_html/digitalme/wp-content/themes/edegree/js. Now digitalme is the folder for this particular site. In the js folder I clicked on functions.js and downloaded to my computer.  From there I opened it with Notepad (somehow it seemed like the right thing to do) and edited the code. It was the second line, it made things easy. ;) From there I saved the new code to my desktop and went back to the file manager. Here I uploaded this “new” functions.js code into the js folder. A question will come up asking you to over write it, click yes. And then I went back to my blog and lo and behold I had the featured content gallery! I was immensely excited about this, and still am, mostly because I feel like i accomplished something. Even if it was a very little thing.

So in case any of you want to use the Featured Content Gallery in your blogs I hope this proves to be useful! :D


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