ds106 Assignment Poll

As we talked about in class last night here is the assignment poll for ds106. What I am asking you to do is two things: Using the the polls below (a) pick your favorite 5 assignments for the class (assuming there were five), and (b) pick your 5 least favorite assignments.

Additionally, use the comments to propose assignments that you think would work well, and also feel free to elaborate on the assignments that worked or didn’t work as well. Note that I left out a few assignments such as the cyberinfrastructure discussion, setting up your own domain, archiving, and reflection because those will not change given the nature of the course. Thanks for your input last night, it was invaluable!

What were your favorite assignments this semester (choose five---assuming there were five)?

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What were your five least favorite assignments?

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3 Responses to “ds106 Assignment Poll”

  1. Megan says:

    Regarding the mashup, thought you might be interested in using this as an example and/or for launching into a similar assignment:


  2. Lindsay says:

    In my final post I made a similar suggestion to Sarah’s. I was thinking that you could replace a video assignment with graphic design and place it after the Daily Shoot week. It wouldn’t have to be a fan fiction assignment, but from my experience, in addition to the fan fiction shown in class (e.g. Boba Fett; fictional book covers), it seems to be an easy thing to come up with ideas for and have fun with.

  3. Sarah says:

    JUST had a brain blast! OK. So what if you incorporated the fan fiction earlier in the semester. Then, when it comes down to doing El Mashup, we each write down on a small slip of paper our LEAST favorite movie/show/book/song/etc. (Essentially the opposite of our fan fiction). Then everyone puts all the little slips of paper into a hat. We mix it up and each pull out a slip. We each then have to combine our slip’s topic with our fan fiction topic. HOPEfully everyone receives something totally different from their fan fiction, forcing them to stretch and mash stuff they wouldn’t normally pick.

    I only suggest this because I know you’ll be teaching the class exclusively online next semester and I think this would be a really fun way for the class to connect during those few in-person meetings/labs.