Work, break for turkey, then work.

I wish I hadn’t set myself up for this, just making molds.  At a certain point I was so miserable doing it that I almost had myself convinced that it wasn’t so bad, and then my neurons started firing again.  It’s just one of those things that a trained monkey could do, but the problem is that you’d have to find and train a monkey first.

I’ve made six molds in the past two days, ten left to go.  I’ve made it through 65 pounds of plaster and need to brave black Friday to get more tomorrow.  When all is said and done I think I’ll have made it through about 200 pounds of plaster for this set of molds, they’re big.  The only saving grace is that my father has one of those magical drill bits for mixing stuff, so I can mix up two gallons of plaster without sticking my hand in it.

Sadly some of the pieces are breaking while I’m making molds, so here’s a picture of the largest doll while it was still whole.

In less depressing news I painted the two doll heads that I’ve got fired and finished!  The tiny one is about the size of a quarter, the larger one about like a baseball.


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